Review: Lizzie Cosmetics Rollerball Eyeshadow


Lizzie make up is a affordable make up range I spotted whilst surfing on ASOS a while ago. I bought this rollerball eyeshadow for £2 so as you can see its very cheap. This shade is Aubergine. Let’s make this quick and clear. The product is crapola. The rollerball itself doesn’t work unless you press it so hard on your skin that it goes red (so you certainly can’t apply it to the eyes), and […]

Review: Baltern Spa Face Mask – 100% Moorland Peat! Yes, Peat!


There’s nothing like a good deep cleansing mask – my favourite is Nars’s Mud Mask which does not irritate me AT ALL, but it’s also expensive (£45 the last time I bought it.) So I recently tried out Balton Spa’s jet black concotion. This mask is 100% natural and is for all skin types including sensitive. It is made from (I quote): Nutrient and Botanical Rich Moorland Peat and Moor Water. The child in my […]

Don’t care how, I want it NOW! (Avon Spectra Color Lip, that is)


I never thought I would be dying for some Avon make up, but I am. Reece Witherspoon just popped up on TV and showed me her pointy chin (love Reece by the way) and her Avon SpectraColour Lipgloss. SpectraColour Lipgloss has a dial that turns to give you several different tones by using a number dial from pale to dark (like all the foundation products that you can ‘dial’ except this makes sense because presumably […]

Haul: Guerlain Terracotta 2009, Kohl Kajal Pencil and Kabuki Brush


You know Gordon Brown uses Guerlain Terracotta bronzer right? Despite this, Guerlain is one of my favourite old school luxury brands, one of the ones I used to coo over as a teen. From the Terracotta collection I hauled the Kajal Liner (LE) and the Kabuki Brush (LE). I can’t remember the exact prices – I believe it was £18 for the Kajal and £27 for the kabuki. The Kajal/Kohl liner is very pretty: The […]

Haul: Pure Cosmetics


I spotted Pure Cosmetics, a Spanish beauty brand by Carlo Di Roma a few months back at my large Boots store. The price range was drugstore to mid – £14 for a palette, £7-8 for lip colours and blushes. Although it looked bright I had no time to stop and peruse – but now I have a little haul here to show you! Pure is sold in the UK in Boots (range can be seen […]

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