KOJI LineQueen 1-Day Long Makeup Liquid Eyeliner


Who doesn’t want liquid eyeliner to last all day? The Japanese do long lasting make up better than anyone else, methinks, so I finally tested out some 24 hour eyeliner by Koji. The brush is very fine, but also a little flat. It feels like a soft pen and is quite flexible. It gives you the most perfect thin line! Features: 1. Super fine tip – with a ultra fine tip of 0.1mm, it gives […]

PsyDerma Skincare: Beauty & Psychology?

Whenever I was “sick” of school, my mum used to bring me a sugary cup of tea dn buttered toast (I think I’m still carrying that butter around my waist now), and I’d curl up and watch Richard & Judy on This Morning.  I remember watching Dr Linda Papadopoulous and thinking how calm and concise she seemed.  Dr Linda is still on TV these days and she looks….well exactly the same as how she did […]

Review: Schwarzkopf Osis Design Mix Hair Styling Range


I am a low maintenance kind of gal – especially when it comes to my hair (I had a lot o it cut off – more about this later). So do I have time for tons of hi-tech styling products? No, not really. I use heat protection if remember, and something in damp hair. Well…I am kind of in love with Schwarzkopf’s Osis hair styling range which is split into 6 products – each pot […]

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