RMK New Eyeshadows & Blush Launch!


On June the 4th, RMK will launch their new range of eyeshadows (35 shades) divided up into 5 categories, Shiny (shimmery), Metallic (highly shimmery with glitter particles), Pearl (Iridescent texture) Brown and Dark (two I didn’t get a chance to try). There will also be 8 new cream (or jelly eyes) eyeshadows, 6 Jelly cheek blushers and 23 pearl and matte blushers. The blushers are no longer in square pans, but in rectangular ones with […]



I must update you with some general housekeeping notes since there will be mucho posts this week, which means things tend to get lost. Giveaways!  Note that you can see this weeks giveaway and last weeks winners by using the links on the sidebars.  If you are just too lazy, the Current Giveaway is Here and Last Week’s Winners is Here. There is also a new rating system which I will use with reviews from […]

Haul: Dolce & Gabbana Make Up


From the moment I saw the ad campaign for Dolce & Gabanna Make Up, I knew I had to get my grubby paws on some. So I waited till my last trip to London before popping into Selfridges to see the range (the only place in the UK you can get it at the moment, and one of only 3 locations in the world you can buy it). The counter was fairly small – not […]

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