Review: Priva Shave Post Shave Treatment for ingrown hairs!


Hair removal – every girl has to do a bit and even though I am not overly hairy, when the sun is out once must remove extra fluff – tis only polite. Gorilla I currently have two products I use for dealing with those nasty little ingrown hairs, and that’s PBF Vanish (my favourite, although drying) and Tend Skin, which I think is pretty rubbish and stinks after a while. Diet Pepsi vs. Pepsi Max […]

5 super pretty pinky nude lip colours to try


Pretty pink nude is one of those staple shades that can look amazing on every skintone although it may take some searching to find the right depth and tone to suit your skin. This is the no brainer lip colour, you slap it on, it makes your lips look juicy, and you can’t say fairer than that. Sonia Rykiel Lipstick 03: This lipstick is gorgeousness in a tube. A nude, soft pink which is not […]

Scared of the Cosmetic Counter?


Reader Jess commented on the Illamasqua video I posted, and said: I need to shake up my makeup! I always feel a bit scared of the counter and everyone has such dramatic make up I feel too much like a wall flower to go there Jess is not alone – I am a hardened make up counter visitee, so very few counters intimidate me. However, many, many women are intimidated by counters – my mother […]

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