Winner Announcement of Anastasia Brow – oh so late

Sorry! I’m sorry ok! What more do you want! Winner of Anastasia Brow Dual ended pencil/gel is: Nina! I think this is Twitter user – Nina*heart*Toby. Send me an email or Twitter me if this is you! (p.s. who is Toby?) Another giveaway coming up! p.s. A few people contacted me to say they didn’t […]

(Some) Women only wash their bras…6 times a year!


According to the Daily Mail, most women spend £2,700 a year on bras but only wash them six times a year. A spokesman said: ‘The extra dirt is clearly not good for the wearer’s skin as bras are fitted snug to the chest and this build up of bacteria can create irritation.’ You don’t say. […]

Skinfood Beer Hop Foaming and Cream Cleansers


Because I love anything thats a novelty, I had a play with Skinfood’s Hop Beer Foaming Cleanser and Cream Cleanser. I don’t even drink beer! My skin is completely random, dry, oily, spotty, smooth, ruddy, flaky – everything. This particular cleanser is for Normal to Dry skin. It contains vitamins, minerals, yeast, and it detoxifies, […]

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