Tutorial: Green & Gold Eyes


I am dabbling in the areas of tutorials – I am no professional but like a lot of girls who love make up, I get ideas from magazines and learn through practice. Everyone has to adapt things to suit their own eye shape but hopefully any of you can use this guide. All of the colours and tools I used are dupable but I have tried to use brands that can be bought from around […]

Review: Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder


I have always had sensitive skin which goes red after cleansing and any type of treatments. The woman who threaded my eyebrows once totally freaked out over how red the skin around my brows went – it looked like clown make up. As well as general sensitivity, my face gets red throughout the day, and stays red. I’ve never thought of it as a huge problem but it is annoying and it tends to come […]

Review: Sue Marsh Lash Extensions (updated!)


There is a reason why I am jealous of men and small children. No, its not their willingness to display immature behavior or their inability to feed themselves – its their lashes. Babies have fabulous lashes. Many men have amazing lashes. My other half has lashes that get tangled because they are so long. Sometimes I look at my arm pit hair and think, why couldn’t you have been transferred to my lashes instead – […]

Haul: Laura Mercier Bohemia Collection, Mediterranean Sea Eye Mosaic & Lipstick


I was stopping my local Laura Mercier counter and picked out some bits and pieces from the Bohemia collection. Their eye mosaic is gorgeous! Eye Mosaic in Mediterranean Sea: Indigo, Aqua, Golden, Copper (LE). This is just lovely – I love the combination of blues and browns on the eyes, its warm but cool at the same time. Lip Shimmer in Spiced (LE): The packaging is so boring but the colour is pretty nice – […]

Review: Timelapse Magic Wand, wrinkle reducer in a stick!


There are always certain wrinkles that bother us more than others. Megan, aged 8 tells me its the wrinkle on her wrist she doesn’t like. For me, its the good old facial wrinkles – whilst I have been spared from any trace of crows feet, I hate my nasolabial (smile) lines. Whilst I doubt I will every get anything like Botox, it seems like a good idea to lock down NOW, on that bitch of […]

KOJI LineQueen 1-Day Long Makeup Liquid Eyeliner


Who doesn’t want liquid eyeliner to last all day? The Japanese do long lasting make up better than anyone else, methinks, so I finally tested out some 24 hour eyeliner by Koji. The brush is very fine, but also a little flat. It feels like a soft pen and is quite flexible. It gives you the most perfect thin line! Features: 1. Super fine tip – with a ultra fine tip of 0.1mm, it gives […]

PsyDerma Skincare: Beauty & Psychology?

Whenever I was “sick” of school, my mum used to bring me a sugary cup of tea dn buttered toast (I think I’m still carrying that butter around my waist now), and I’d curl up and watch Richard & Judy on This Morning.  I remember watching Dr Linda Papadopoulous and thinking how calm and concise she seemed.  Dr Linda is still on TV these days and she looks….well exactly the same as how she did […]

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