Skinfood Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Base – Green


It must be all the pork pies, because I am getting ruddier as time goes by. There are green concealers but I don’t normally have the inclination to start painting vert onto my skin. I have tons and tons of green correctors and concealers, ok? TONS. I don’t use any that regularly. Sorry my typing is erratic. The other half is doing Wi-Fit in his underpants and his butt is near my head. Anyway Skinfood….Lettuce […]

My new Camera! The Sony T900


I have quite a few cameras but I was still looking for an extremely fast and colour true compact. I wanted something I could carry every day without much hassle. Here’s my new camera! Being a Sony it’s pretty expensive for a compact but they have really clear, beautiful lenses. On the other hand I really begrudge the fact I have to use their stupid memory sticks when every other camera I use takes a […]

Skinfood Peppermint Pore Diet Mask Peel Off


When my pores said to me, hey beyatch, I need to do on a diet, I sat the first thing I though of was….Peppermint! No not really. But the idea of peppermint + pores sounds good doesn’t it? Peppermint Pore Diet Peel Off Mask is: A peel-off mask that gently removes dead skin and controls sebum, with pore-minimizing peppermint and moisturizing orchid extract. I haven’t used a peel off mask for years! Normally, they feel […]

Online Retail Therapy: Annoyance


Sigh.  No matter what you do, you can’t help but get a bad seller or retailer, bad customer service or just a bad product. Manners especially, don’t cost anything, so it really gets my goat when people just can’t respond in a human manner; especially when YOU are buying from THEM. Today I’ve realised I’ve had enough bad experiences in the last 10 days to moan about it all in one place I am a […]

Reader Poll!

Check out my poll in the sidebar (to the right, to the right!). I am trying to decide what to do next on the blog, how we can – in business speak – move forward – take it further – improve etc. etc. etc. Click if you have an opinion!

The Naked Soap Company


There’s some things in this life that I just don’t trust. They include: 1. Cats that avoid eye contact 2. Ham which is going silvery green in patches 3. Telephone Banking 4. Online Banking 5. Banks 6. Overly soapy soap. Overly soapy soap? What is overly soapy soap? One that is too latherly, too bubbly. It makes me wonder what’s been put into into it to make it bubble away. I used to make soap, […]

Candy Glam Pigments and Lip Gloss


Etsy is a great place to browse for homemade goodies – sellers are usually based in the US but shipping rates tend to be very reasonable. There’s quite a few mineral make up beauty companies on there. Some are good. Some are really quite naff. It depends, it’s a bit of pot luck but these days everyone thinks they know how to make mineral make up! Then there’s Candy Glam. The swatches they have are […]

Screw You!: Nirvana Natural Shampoo Review


UPDATED 06/FEB/2013: Luca from Nirvana Naturals got in touch with me on the 29th January 2013, almost 4 years after this post was put up…my final line was “I am going to email them and ask for a refund, let’s see what happens” Luca wanted to point out that they went through the payment records and I was issued a refund, although in the below post at the time of writing I had not been. […]

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