Sheer Cover Refillable Powder Brush


Found this on eBay! Pretty cool. You can put your own loose powders/mineral make up in. It’s quite hard to get good empty palettes and things in the UK, so this was a nice goody for £4.50 including shipping. I can put any of my powders in here, even a highlighter or bronzer, or mineral […]

When big becomes scary


So I was watching the first 2 episodes of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12 and silly me, I was eating at the same time – I nearly choked to death when Alison, girl with the widest eyes in the world appeared. I’m all for bodily fluids but it probably isn’t such a great conversation […]

Quick note…


Aye curumba, the twitter link tis a little confusing. Apparently you click on the birdy and get this window which asks for your username and password. I tried this out, this is where you are supposed to add your own username and password, then it will automatically add me to your friend list. Like this: […]

6: Skinfood Apple Black Liquid Eyeliner


More Skinfood reviews! I love a good black liquid eyeliner – I have already mentioned that the Skinfood range is vast (read more here!) and I didn’t realize they did so many cosmetics too. This item is the Apple Black Liquid Eyeliner (7g). It’s like a traditional liquid liner with a thin brush applicator. I […]

No. 7 Skin Illuminator


I am always attracted to skin illuminating products although in the end, I don’t use them much. They are usually too greasy, or glittery, too subtle or over the top. No7 Skin Illuminator is an amazing radiance boosting beauty fluid with tiny iridescent particles that shimmer in the light, giving skin a healthy looking glow. […]

Susan Posnick Colorflo Mineral Make Up


I am slowly learning to love mineral make up. My problem is I hate anything at all that is cakey – hate hate hate. I’d rather have a face that looks like its been dipped into a frying pan than one that looks like its been dipped into a bowl of flour. I decided to […]

Bobbi Brown Concealer – Peach Corrector and Concealer Kit


Concealer must be my must have item – I’d put it before mascara or foundation. Ever one the pursuit of the dream concealer I revisited some old favourites – Bobbi Brown’s Peach Corrector Concealer and her Concealer Kit. The corrector (£15) is for dark circles, under the eyes. This is actually layered UNDER the yellowy […]

Easter Giveaway!


NOTE: This post is stuck at the top of the page!  Scroll down to see new posts! The sun is out and you want to be beautiful(er). I want you to be beautiful(er). So I have an extra special giveaway for you. To enter, all you need to do is subscribe to Cosmetic Candy Blog […]

Boots No. 7 Silky Leg OIl


There’s something kinky about buying a product called a Silky Leg Oil, isn’t there? It’s not just a body oil. It’s a SILKY leg oil. I don’t look after my legs enough. I got bitten badly last summer, and I scar badly. Have kept legs covered up since then. But the summer is here and […]

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme Hair Treatment


I have had my eye on Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer range for a while, but it’s pretty expensive. Then I noticed an Extreme version – I like things extreme! So I paid £22 for this intensive hair treatment. It’s a lot, especially with the length of my hair, it isn’t going last very long. Having said […]



May you eat so much chocolate you keel over. What are you doing today? I am doing a spring clean and figuring out how to use the dishwasher whilst looking at my other half disapprovingly (he’s gone on washing up strike).

Easter Eggs!

I am finally at an age where I don’t get them. Well ok, I got three. But I got them weeks ago. There’s none left apart from a few shards of chocolate and some gold foil. Two things – have an amazing giveaway coming up on Monday. It’s going to be really fab, I am […]

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