Happy Weekend!


Have fun this weekend! How come I feel so discombobulated? Like I’m here, but not all here. Do add me on Twitter, it’s getting a bit more interesting! Check out the poll on the right in the sidebar – let me know what you want! I update around 3 times a day, have you kept up? Some posts of the week: Giveaway – Anastasia Brow Crap Clinique Mascara Even crapper customer service Kiss’s really cute […]

Hair Therapy: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme vs Coconut Oil

A few weeks ago I mad an investment and bought the Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme hair treatment. This babies cost £22 and it resembles a thick face cream. Full review here. The other thing I have been using on my sore scalp and hair is virgin coconut oil. I have a review of one particular brand coming up but you really don’t need to purchase anything too expensive just because it comes in a pretty […]

Susan Boyle Make Over – Yay or Nay?


So our Susan Boyle has had a make over. They grey frizz has gone, and those brows, those glorious brows. I hope it was a make over of her own free will and not enforced by the Britain’s Got Talent Lot. Before she was like my dinner lady, the one who would sneak in extra custard. After she looks like….well, the mother in law. Either way, she’s still way hotter than that irritating bey-atch Amanda […]

Nars 2009 Summer Collection – Tropic Eyeshadow


Nars has a tropical collection together for the summer – documented here. I went to see the collection a few days ago. The two products that stood out to me was Tropic Solo Eyeshadow, similar to the Night series, super glittery, and the lipgloss, a cool tones mauve with gold. However, I am on a lip product ban, since I have far too many as it is. So I just bought Tropic: Tropic is described […]

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