Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeshadow in Sea Mist


If Estee Lauder was a pair of pants, they would be granny pants, and not even good ones that suck you in, the ones that are elasticated and are fraying slightly. It’s not a brand I buy from at all – just not interesting enough, but I found myself drawn to their new Double Wear Eyeshadows. I die for cream eyeshadows. I really really really do. But I have a criteria. 5 Cream Eyeshadow Commandments: […]

Sleek Glitter Eyeliners


Sleek Cosmetics make make up for dark skinned ladies, or at least that’s how the brand began. Infact they have tons of make up that is suitable for everyone, but have a base range that extends to dark/black skins which si great. I bought their eyeshadow palettes years ago – and pretty damn good they are too. They have just released some glitter eyeliners which are around £3.50 each from Superdrug. Diablo (pink), Caribean (blue), […]

Skinfood Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Base – Green


It must be all the pork pies, because I am getting ruddier as time goes by. There are green concealers but I don’t normally have the inclination to start painting vert onto my skin. I have tons and tons of green correctors and concealers, ok? TONS. I don’t use any that regularly. Sorry my typing is erratic. The other half is doing Wi-Fit in his underpants and his butt is near my head. Anyway Skinfood….Lettuce […]

My new Camera! The Sony T900


I have quite a few cameras but I was still looking for an extremely fast and colour true compact. I wanted something I could carry every day without much hassle. Here’s my new camera! Being a Sony it’s pretty expensive for a compact but they have really clear, beautiful lenses. On the other hand I really begrudge the fact I have to use their stupid memory sticks when every other camera I use takes a […]

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