Review: Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

If you live in England, you will know what Boots points are. Boots is the biggest beauty/skincare drugstore type shop in the UK. Boots is as part of your life as going to the supermarket it. When you need shampoo, cotton wool, hair dye, you pop to boots. Boots Advantage card is one of the few loyalty schemes that ACTUALLY WORK. They offer bonus deals all the time – it works out roughly as 4 […]

Winner Announcement!

Thank you everyone for entering the last super duper giveaway Today is the day and I used the randomizer to pick the winner. There’s no name but the winners email is: beat_it123 (I won’t print the end of your email) Please email me at rowena AT and I will send you the goodies!

Elizabeth Arden Summer Sunlit Bronze Collection 2009

A bit like granny pants and tea cosies, Elizabeth Arden is not one of the counters I ever stop at. I used to like 8 hour cream but with so many other fancy goodies around its not something I’ve touched for a while. I was having one of those Friday afternoon strolls after work and what happened…the sparkliest peach-coral-orange lipgloss caught my eye. Horror of horrors – it was on the Elizabeth Arden counter. And […]

Jill Stuart Pure Brightening UV Day Care Powder


As soon as I saw this pic, I knew I had to have it: Jill Stuarts ultra pretty Pure Day Care Powder is not just a cosmetic item. It has an SPF of 15, is brightening (it says so in the title!), and can deal with problems like spots, oily bits and so on. I’ve always had quite good luck with so called ‘Acne Care Powders’ of Japanese origin – white talc like powders you […]

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