May you eat so much chocolate you keel over. What are you doing today? I am doing a spring clean and figuring out how to use the dishwasher whilst looking at my other half disapprovingly (he’s gone on washing up strike).

No. 5: Skinfood Broccoli UV Sun Cream SPF42


I am still reviewing all the Skinfood products I own – there aren’t that many but I am slowly learning more about the brand. So far I have mad more sucesses than misses. Next up is one of my newer purchases – the Broccoli Sun Cream with a high protection factor of SPF42. I mentioned in a previous review I like odd flavours and smells. There was also a tomato sun cream but I opted […]

Girls Aloud launch Eyelure Fake Lashes!


I love fake lashes, although I am crap at applying them. This means that I tend to rip them off when I am done and the go right in the bin – so rarely do I buy expensive lashes (ie. anything over £2). For £5 you can buy a pair of Girls Aloud themed fake lashes from Superdrug! Because they are so much better when endorsed by Girls Aloud! Question – why aren’t Nicola’s lashes […]

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