Winner Announcement – Boots Protect & Perfect

…is Christie! I used a randomizer to pick. Please forward me your address info – rowena AT cosmetic-candy . com Well done!

Easter Eggs!

I am finally at an age where I don’t get them. Well ok, I got three. But I got them weeks ago. There’s none left apart from a few shards…

Aube Couture on Sale!


It looks pretty cute but I’m not convinced. Because I like Aube as it was before, even though it was hit and miss, and I love Rinka, who is the…

No. 4: Skinfood Black Sesame Hot Face Mask


So we are still talking about Skinfood! Next up is the Black Sesame face mask! I love black sesame. I recently had some black sesame ice cream at a Japanese…

How fake is too fake?


I was watching a tutorial on the Tube, and I noticed how the lady in question had very obvious, thick grey contact lenses in. I’ve personally never seen the appeal…

Boots Extracts Collection, Body Butters and Scrub


Boots has launched a new Extracts collection, full of body care items, and some lip balms too, all based around the idea of using natural and ethical ingredients. Yep –…

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