Easter Eggs!

I am finally at an age where I don’t get them. Well ok, I got three. But I got them weeks ago. There’s none left apart from a few shards of chocolate and some gold foil. Two things – have an amazing giveaway coming up on Monday. It’s going to be really fab, I am going to grab my top picks from spring, so make sure you stay tuned and tell your friends! Next thing […]

Aube Couture on Sale!


It looks pretty cute but I’m not convinced. Because I like Aube as it was before, even though it was hit and miss, and I love Rinka, who is the prettiest woman in the world (in my opinion): Well, maybe not in that photo. Aube Couture has a new dual use cream shadow and eyeshadow thing, which sure looks pretty and is Jill Stuart-esque: Cute but not very dynamic. Lipsticks: I love how everything is […]

No. 4: Skinfood Black Sesame Hot Face Mask


So we are still talking about Skinfood! Next up is the Black Sesame face mask! I love black sesame. I recently had some black sesame ice cream at a Japanese restaurant and I LOVED it. Musky, nutty flavour. But this is not ice cream! This is a face mask! The texture is gooey and sticky. Once you have applied it to the face it only takes a minute to warm up and it gets quite […]

How fake is too fake?


I was watching a tutorial on the Tube, and I noticed how the lady in question had very obvious, thick grey contact lenses in. I’ve personally never seen the appeal of wearing contacts because they are so obvious and make you look stoned (unless I suppose, you are stoned or you are going for a very specific look). I have delicate eyes anyway and I won’t mess about with my corneas. Which begs the question […]

Boots Extracts Collection, Body Butters and Scrub


Boots has launched a new Extracts collection, full of body care items, and some lip balms too, all based around the idea of using natural and ethical ingredients. Yep – very similar to The Body Shop. I’m actually surprised its taken them this long. With the Boots Extracts range we take our social and ecological responsibilities very seriously. We also try to reduce the negative impact of the ingredients we use on the planet wherever […]

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