Day 1: RMK Primers: Creamy Make Up Base and Liquid


April Month is Base Products Month! everyday this month there will a review a day on a base product. RMK Primers * *Ive just realised pictured here is the creamy primer and the colour control base – I do have the liquid primer too and this comes in a square, glass cube jar I just […]

You tell me….


I’m considering properly doing videos and tutorials and things. It takes time to do properly though! Nevertheless, let me know what you would like most to see (looks, colours, brands…) Off to London tomorrow – there are lots of protests going on in town though! Hell – if I see a protest, I’m joining! Or […]

Screw You!: Chemist Direct UK


UPDATE: Cancelled order – couldn’t wait any longer, will pop down to Boots instead. They didn’t care of course and offered no explanation why an order that was supposed to dispatched in 24-48 hours was still ‘processing’ after 10 days. If they had only said something, like X item is out of stock, or X […]

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