Dr Nick Lowe Anti Blemish Range


I have to finally admit it. Late nights, too much coffee and stress stress stress has given my regular, but small outbursts of adult acne. Enter Dr Nick Lowe’s Anti Blemish Range: There are four products in the Anti Blemish range, two types of cleanser, a day cream and blemish gel. I went back later on to buy the other type of cleanser – will explain why later: The packaging is very simple and quite […]

Review: Daniel Galvin Jnr Melon Shampoo and Conditioner


So I bought, tried and finished my Daniel Galvin Jnr Melon Shampoo and Conditioner: This review will be short and sweet. This shampoo is very natural and smells delicious. It’s great for kids or people who generally want to avoid all the usual chemical bits in high street shampoo. Ingredients: Aqua,*Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (organic aloe vera), Cocamidopropylbetaine (Derived from coconut oil), Sodium Cocosulphate (Coconut oil fatty acid), Lauryl glucoside (Coconut, sweetcorn and palm kernel […]

Monday Wednesday Giveaway and Winners


As some of you know my internet has been pretty much dead all week and all I have had a few stolen moments so I haven’t been able to do our weekly giveaway! Anyway for the Kohls last week the winners are: MARYLIN & HEATHER! Please email me with your addresses and your prizes will be in the post! rowena@cosmetic-candy.com This weeks giveaway: Soap & Glory Soap, Body Cream and a Shower Gel. Giveaway Question: […]

Bargain Beauty Find: Stargazer Cake Liners


I was browsing eBay when I saw some cake eyeliners by Stargazer. Stargazer is one of those funky, goth-emo type brands that I think, appeal to a teen/young adult audience, and is very affordable because of it. I love cake eyeliners! I love the way its like painting, but quite often, although some eyeshadows can be used wet, I find that most will seal up if you constantly apply water to them. There were £2.25 […]

Illamasqua Haul


This is the haulage I made at Illamasqua on Sunday! In my base I have been matched to 140. Its ok for now, may be a bit too light in the summer. Concealer: Concealer is a thicker version of the foundation. Under Eye Concealer: Under Eye concealer is LOVELY. Its soft a creamy for the undereye and has reflective qualities. Satin Primer: This is one of the star products. I can’t tell yet if it […]

Rock Face Minerals


I have still be experimenting with different types of mineral make up and I stumbled across Rock Face Minerals, a UK based mineral make up company. Eyeshadows: The three colours I got were very soft, pigmented but very fine textured. I also got a top veil powder and a bronzing type blush: Swatch: More about Rock Face Minerals: Rock Face minerals products do not contain bismuth oxychloride, fillers, talc, cornstarch, nanoparticles, micronized minerals, fragrances, parabens […]

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque


UPDATED – Lip Swatches added! So I mentioned the other day that in a pool of misery I made a trip to Chanel. Here are the shades of the Rouge Allure Laque Lip Glosses which are supposed to last like lipticks: I got ming and mandarin. These are lovely but sooooooo expensive ; £22.50!!! I’m not so keen on the black packaging as it gets finger marks on it easily and also, you can’t see […]

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