Boots Original Beauty Formula Skincare


Boots is a bit of an institution when it comes to skincare, make up, medicine and body care needs, and most of all they have the advantage card scheme which is very, very generous. I once saved up £140 on my Advantage Card – and blew it all on make up. Oh the shame! If I could go back now I would buy something more useful like….a popcorn maker or a buggy for my cats. […]

Monday Giveaway – Illamasqua Lipstick in Scandal!


I will announce last weeks winners on Wednesday (since it was set on a Wednesday!). Also I haven’t sent out previous winners prizes out yet – sorry guys, been incredibly busy this month, but I will get it out by the end of this week! You know you want some Illamasqua, eh eh eh eh?! At the moment the Illamasqua website doesn’t ship abroad, but I have a little treat for you this week. Give […]

Blythe Fresh Light Hair Dye


UPDATE: 2 days later, the colour has really settled in, I like it! What can be creepier than collecting dolls with over sized heads and gigantic eyes? Why, dying you hair like one! I loved this colour though: Blythe Fresh Light Hair Dye in Mysterious Beige It comes with one of the brush applicator types: I don’t know how I feel about this kind of applicator. It seemed great af first for the roots but […]

Sula Roll of Fragrances, Sun Kissed Citrus and Butterfly Kiss


I really am not one for scent – let it all pong I say! But I did all in love, quite deeply with my Sula Purfume Oil when I discovered it in an unassuming pyrex dish in Space NK. Woot woot! Bring in more! Butterfly Kiss and Sun Kissed Citrus: Butterfly Kiss A delicate blend kissed with sweet pea and pink peony, and ethereal notes of freesia, blackberry and gardenia. Sun-kissed Citrus Bright and zesty […]

Tara Smith Shampoo & Conditioners


I am still on the hunt for a great shampoo that is kind to my scalp and is affordable and works well too! A reader alerted me to Tara Smith’s Shampoo and Conditioner range, which she found at Tesco. The products do not contain: * Parabens * Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) * Glycols * Phthalates * PEGs * Artificial colouring * Synthetic fragrance * Animal derivatives Tara is a celebrity hairdresser – the tagline on […]

Comparison: MAC Hello Kitty Fun & Games and Nars Gina Blusher


A reader was asking me if Hello Kitty Fun and Games was similar to Nars Gina (or different enough to warrant a purchase) so here is a belated comparison: Yeah, Nars packaging always gets dusty. So irritating. I noticed from my even older Nars stuff, it’s got sticky and some of the packaging bubbles and peels off! On the left is Gina and on the right is Fun and Games. As you can see, Gina […]

Barry M New Dazzle Dust Colours!


Barry M dazzle dusts are a really good alternative to MAC Pigments – I have both (about 60 MAC piggies) and I generally find Barry M less messy to work with (finer textured generally speaking). They also cost £4.50 and Boots tend to have 3 for 2 or special offers on from time to time. There are 6 new colours for Spring (I got Parrot Green, the most stunning true green later on – will […]

My day to day make up bags


I am not having a good day. Today is TOH’s birthday and things have already gone wrong. A courier was supposed to deliver something – at 9.30am the bell goes, there’s a mad dash to the door and they’ve already done a runner, as if they WANTED me to miss my delivery. Very frustrating. And as always, you call the customer services up and the don’t know nuffin. That is the least of my problems […]

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