RMK New Powder Foundation


I’ve had this compact for a little while now, and it’s taken me quite a bit to get it together. But here it is! RMK’s new powder foundation base in 104L: I am a big fan of RMK base products. For me, RMK, Chanel, Armani (face fabric foundation) make the best base products, and my new dabble in Illamaqua is also going very well. Did I tell you how badly I want Chanel’s Mat Lumiere […]

Should kids be allowed to wear make up?


I was reading that wealth of unbiased reporting known as the Daily Mail Newspaper (I read it when I need to be incensed – like before returning an item to a shop, and also for the comments. Daily Mail readers really love to comment) when I spotted an debate between two parents over whether their young daughter, aged 3 should be allowed to wear make up. Introduction:

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