Illamasqua Haul


This is the haulage I made at Illamasqua on Sunday! In my base I have been matched to 140. Its ok for now, may be a bit too light in the summer. Concealer: Concealer is a thicker version of the foundation. Under Eye Concealer: Under Eye concealer is LOVELY. Its soft a creamy for the […]

Rock Face Minerals


I have still be experimenting with different types of mineral make up and I stumbled across Rock Face Minerals, a UK based mineral make up company. Eyeshadows: The three colours I got were very soft, pigmented but very fine textured. I also got a top veil powder and a bronzing type blush: Swatch: More about […]

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque


UPDATED – Lip Swatches added! So I mentioned the other day that in a pool of misery I made a trip to Chanel. Here are the shades of the Rouge Allure Laque Lip Glosses which are supposed to last like lipticks: I got ming and mandarin. These are lovely but sooooooo expensive ; £22.50!!! I’m […]

Illamasqua – first counter visit!


My internet is still off at home! Thus blogging is sporadic and everything takes twice at long. Have you ever tried ordering a takeaway over the mobile internet? Well don’t. It took me an HOUR. What do you mean I should have just cooked? I have sore fingers! Very annoying, bear with me. I can’t […]

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