Kevin Beauty Maker Lip Concealer and Aqua Lipgloss


Ever since I discovered Beauty E-shop (based in the UK) I have been a bit obsessed with ordering Kevin Beauty Maker stuff from Taiwan. I have no doubt that the prices are jacked up but I don’t mind as most items are about £10 – with the current exchange rate issues, customs fees, delivery fees, delivery times, I’m happy to pay a bit more to get something the next day (they always seem to use […]

SANA Make Essence Pore Cover – Cute!


After the SANA Make Essence under eye concealer – reviewed here, comes the SANA pore concealer! It’s cute isn’t it? I really liked Make Essence concealer although its a LIGHT under eye concealer. I personally hate thick and cakey concealers under the eye and I find most will crease eventually. CUTEEEEE!!!! I have never met a seal in real life. If I did it would probably be big and smelly and slimy. I’ve been a […]

The light up lip gloss


I reviewed New ID Cosmetics the other day and someone emailed to ask me what the light up lip gloss looks like, so here it is! It gives off a blue tinted light. It works well in the dark in the day it’s not the perfect light, and it always comes off, so if you try applying it in a lecture or the cinema people are going to notice it! Still I quite like the […]

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