Faith in Nature Shampoo and Body Wash


You know I am still on a search for the ideal natural and hair products for my sensitive skin? I have been flaring up a lot lately. I found this company Faith in Nature, who have a large range of skincare, household cleaning goods, lady stuff and hair goodies etc…. I got some shower gel, samples of shampoo and a hand cream: Check it! The water if from the Lake District! (Beauty spot in the […]

Poll: Saddest Movie Moments

I was asking the other half today if he had ever cried at a film, to which he responded “Being a man, I had to stop myself”. Great. But this got me thinking – what film moments have brought a lump to my throat? When I find a film sad or poignant, usually its the the extent where I just can’t watch them again because I can’t face that particular moment in the film. Yes […]

Golden Emu Oil


Remember a week or so ago I raved about Dremu’s Emu oil? Well it’s lovely stuff, but some ladies complained about the £30 price tag. Fair enough I said, its a fab product if you can afford it – but we need to eat! Enter Golden Emu Oil: The ingredients are – just emu oil! They say: Traditionally applied to the skin for the relief of a range of conditions. *Golden Emu Oil is Australian […]

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