Lise Watier Model Portfolio Concealer Wheel


I am addicted concealer – did I tell you? I think I need to do a concealer special soon, what do you think? The Lise Watier concealer wheel caught my eye. It looks like Lise Waiter – as in ‘would you like salad with that’, waiter. Something about Lise Waiter I find off putting. She’s like the cagey cousin you have, the one that always looks impeccible and never swears or does anything bad – […]

MONDAY! Winner Announcement & New Giveaway


The question I asked last week was: “What was the moment that you fell in love with make up?” I loved reading the responses to last weeks give away! All of the answers were so interesting, and different. If you want to have a browse, its just here. But I have to choose a winner, so I pick… RobbyRaynebow!! If you send your address to me – rowena @, I will send the Clarins […]

Nars @ Marc Jacobs Eye Look Tutorial


I don’t do this very often but I just loovvvvveeeeeddddddddddd this eye look that Nars did for the Marc Jacobs show: This is obviously not an everyday look, it isn’t an understated look, its very much in yer face and dramatic, so save your YOU LOOK LIKE FRANKENSTEIN!* comments. *I am aware that Frankenstein isn’t the monster. Frankenstein is the professor, the monster is just called monster. Ok? So, apparently this look was achieved with […]

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