Kiss Chocolate Eyes Duo


When I was a kid, I had a doll called Chocolotte. Chocolottie was my best friend. I was a stuffed toy kinda gal, not a dolly one, but Chocolottie was so pretty, with her soft curls…her hair smelt of chocolate and she had a little friend called Chocolate Drop who was annoying be he was easy to lose. CHOCOLOTTIE! What happened to you! Did I leave you in C&A? Did my mother put in you […]

5 Weird & Wonderful Lip Glosses for Weekend

It’s not all about your peachy pinks, your pink beige, milky beige, cherry reds and juicy oranges. Glosses come in all kinds of colours! I had a rummage though my lipgloss draw and found 5 of my most unusual colours. I nicked the style of lip photo from Karen at Make Up & Beauty Blog, it looks good and it means I don’t need to take a separate product and lip swatch image. 1. Lancome […]

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