Stila Pulling out of the UK?


I haven’t bought Stila for a while and now I’ve figured out why! Stila are pulling out of all markets apart from the US. Boo! I remember when Stila were hot – one of the first items I lusted after was the Lip Glaze, many moons ago. Quite sad news although their products should be […]

The Ped Egg


Hard skin accumulates easily on the feet easily, especially for ladies and gents on their feet all day. When I was a kid, I used to watch my nan, mum and aunts, hardworking people that they are, cut off the hard skin off their feet with a razor blade. I actually did it for my […]

If we all gave the price of a lipstick….


I got an email from my aunt whose brother in law is a Principal Pharmacist at his local hospital and is doing the Marathon Des Sables (the marathon of sands). It covers 151 miles over 7 days – equivalent to more than five marathons. All competitors have to be self sufficient and carry everything needed […]

If there’s a camel up a hill

You have to go and subscribe. This is the Korean boys own channel! When he sings in his own language he’s about x 1,000,000 better. Evidence: I am starting a campaign. Stop Korean Boy from YouTube from singing in English and wearing spangly tops that would look good on a hooker, stick to the Korean […]

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