The Men Pen


I was watching a video on You Tube and noticed and advert for The Men Pen (it bothers me. Shouldn’t it be a Man Pen? I know, I know, it wouldn’t rhyme but still….) They Say: The Men Pen product is a product made specifically for men to help cover up blemishes when it counts the most. Most of our customers are club goers that want to dress to impress when going out. There are […]

RMK Concealer Basic Liquid


RMK make some of the base products out there – their creamy foundation is one of the few things I have actually finished. I also have their powder, concealers and liquid foundation. Their basic concealer is an EXCELLENT concealer. It comes in a palette with a basic powder you have to buy separately – I bought mine yonks ago and it was quite expensive at the time, about £32 (you have to buy the palette, […]

Hebridean Soap!


“Where did you get that from?” “Oh, the outer Hebrides” But this time I’m not messing. I got some soaps from the Hebridean Soap Company – I have been looking for better ways to cleanse my delicate skin, which has been flaring up my crazy recently. I don’t use commercial soaps as I find them very drying on my sensitive skin, but I find that even soaps from Lush make my skin feel quite tight […]

New Asian Beauty Shop Discovery! Beauty Maker, Palgantong Powder etc.


So I was browsing some kind of beauty website when one of those little google ads popped up – Asian Beauty Brands in the UK it said. So I clicked and I was greeted by – indeed based in the UK. The brand that stuck out to me was Beautymaker – a Taiwanese brand made by a make up artist called Kevin. I had seen his products because I bought his book a while […]

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