The Men Pen


I was watching a video on You Tube and noticed and advert for The Men Pen (it bothers me. Shouldn’t it be a Man Pen? I know, I know, it…

RMK Concealer Basic Liquid


RMK make some of the base products out there – their creamy foundation is one of the few things I have actually finished. I also have their powder, concealers and…

Hebridean Soap!


“Where did you get that from?” “Oh, the outer Hebrides” But this time I’m not messing. I got some soaps from the Hebridean Soap Company – I have been looking…

New Asian Beauty Shop Discovery! Beauty Maker, Palgantong Powder etc.


So I was browsing some kind of beauty website when one of those little google ads popped up – Asian Beauty Brands in the UK it said. So I clicked…

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