Korean Boy is getting better!

If you spend too much time on YouTube then you may have had your ears raped by a young Korean boy called Kim Dong Won, who sings Mariah. Well, after classics like Touch my Body and Listen, here is Always Be My Baby…and it’s not bad at all! (yes I know its BAD but its not bad compared to the old ones). Fashion sense is getting worse, voice getting better. Well Done!

Dariya Keanash Makeup Base for Strawberry Noses & Orange Cheeks


A strawberry nose is according to the web: “rhinophyma /rhi·no·phy·ma/ (-fi´mah) a form of rosacea marked by redness, sebaceous hyperplasia, and nodular swelling and congestion of the skin of the nose.” Then there’s the orange peel cheeks, that show off the pores. I couldn’t resist these super cute products from Dariya: Strawberry nose: I don’t know if I actually have a strawberry nose, but I know there’s a lot of redness there. Pollyfilla for the […]

Just for fun: Walkers Crisps


Walkers Crisps in the UK have launched 6 new crisp flavours – these have been inspired by some people who have too much time on their hands and now people have a few months to buy, try and vote for their favourite. The fav becomes a permanent flavour. They are: Onion Bhaji Fish & Chips Cajun Squirel Builders Breakfast Chilli and Chocolate Crispy Duck and Hoisin I am really disappointed by the lack of originality […]

MAC Hello Kitty Arrived!


Oh yes. I am not immune to a spot of MAC occasionally. Because we get thins 1,232,602 days after the US, Hello Kitty has already been reviewed by plenty of beauty blogs so I was making informed choices people. Informed. I was surprised by how little (by my standards) I wanted. There’s some very cute but overpriced merchandise (exclusive to the site in the UK – this includes the bags, the bracelet, the doll but […]

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