Arm Shields – because you have no friends


Found another daft invention: Fresh from Japan, arm shields to prevent your arms from tanning in the sun. C’mon! When I was a kid, I’d stick my arms out of the window to tan! You could just wear something long sleeved and have the air con on, or wear some sunscreen? Why am I even […]

Why won’t things just work?

…because then life will be too easy.  As I have learnt this weekend. Anyway, the categories have been cleaned up! From now on brands and product types (ie. Lipstick, Concealer etc.) will be under tags, to make everything look cleaner for y’all. I’ve got one of *those* busy weeks coming up nothing can make it […]

Majolica Majorca Frame Plus Mascara


I have tried so many mascaras…I am getting Mascara fatigue. It’s true. I still don’t have a HG. I still don’t have the fail proof mascara. I have found ones that last and curl but are a buggery to get off – that’s the best I can do at the moment* (Although I have something […]

Bobbi Brown Pink Makeover

Did a quick look for my lazy Saturday. Was taking Megan to her Kung Fu lesson and didn’t want to look like an overdressed tranny (what can I say? I start to play with make up and run out of time and end up being shoved out the door with 5 shades of eyeshadow on) […]

Random Haul: Manish Aurora Sunglasses


Not a beauty product but I though these sunglasses I got were extremely cute! Remember Manish Aurora and the MAC Collection! (I bought it, never used it…infact, where did I put it? D’oh!) Anyway, my eyes are getting worse the older I get…bright sunshine makes me dizzy so I got some new aviator style sunglasses! […]

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