I can’t decide if this turns me on or not…


UPDATE: This song is X-Rated, lots of swearing, but it is the best thing I have ever heard since Amazing Grace: You know I love the Bale. However, on the set of Terminator: Salvation, he lost his rag with the Director or Photography. Big time. Listen Here. Obviously he’s a douche, he has a filthy […]



Stupid, stupid people. Salonskincare.com, who I spent a fair few yen with have gone down down down in my estimations. They sold me a Korres scalp scrub which is OUT OF DATE: £16. Not cheap, right? I was kind of going to leave it, but on principle, why should I? So I emailed them politely, […]

What is Superbowl?

Seriously. The other half was flicking through the channels and fell asleep on the channel that was showing the Superbowl. I was too busy typing to change the channel so I watched Faith Hill and Jennifer Hudson sing – now I am confused. Why is it so big? This is American Football right? TOH tells […]

Beauty is danger (ous)?


An article over at The Daily Mail got me thinking about whether beauty products are ‘safe’ or at least, as beneficial as we think they are. I have turned into a raving mad ball of itchies lately – my skin and scalp are going to pot and methinks and overload of products may have something […]

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