Lip Ink & Valentines


How rude of me! I didn’t wish you all a Happy St. Valentines! Valentine’s day really isn’t have as exciting as people try to make it. Buying stupid cards that say ‘I Wuv You’ and bunches of overpriced flowers then having a 3 course meal at an Italian where everyone tries to out do each […]

Review: EMU Oil, or should I say, Dremu Oil


Emu’s used to scare me. I thank Rod Hull for that: Rod had an Emu called…Emu and he was a bitey little thing. Look at what he did to Parky: Scary stuff. But vanity is vanity, and I ended up with a Dremu Emu Oil (30ml, £30). There is quite a lot of explanation about […]

Super Screw You: Office Shoes are crap!

Ok so I was ranting about Office Shoes a few days ago – well surprise, surprise – I got some emails through: That’s right folks! NONE of the shoes I ordered are in stock – yet they are STILL advertised as in stock on the website. This makes Office Shoes Complete and Utter Crap Crap […]

ID Bare Escentuals Prime Time Goodies & Brushes


I decided to do a haul at Bare Esventuals – the brand is starting ti break through in the UK although I haven’t tried any of their bases. I got their brow get, a brush, prime time and eyeliner sealer. You know I love primers! Barevitamins Prime Time Lid Primer: They Say: Designed especially for […]

The Bravissimo Advert is Annoying


This new bravissimo got on my nerves. Bravissimo are a company that make bras for big chi-chis. Back in the day, it was hard to get hold of bras if you had a fairly small back and big boobies so Bravissimo really took off. Nothing wrong with that… As a gal with big boobs myself […]

Review: Jenulence Minerals Eye Pigments


I got four Jenulence Mineral Eyeshadows in the post in Gold, Apricot Tan, Bronze and Aquamarine: The shades are pigmented and quite fine textured with a slight shimmer to each eyeshadow. They were very easy to use and blend but I’d definately recommend a primer (as with any loose powder eyeshadow) to make sure it […]

Review: Gloves in a bottle


Although I have rather soft hands, it won’t always be this way. Our hands like out necks are supposed to be unable to hide our real age…check out Angelina’s paws: Face = GODDESS! Paws = ARRGHHH! That’s why we need to take care of out paws whilst they are still youthful since they take a […]

Mum – is that you?

Lady missed her flight and went a bit nuts. You can’t blame her for expressing herself – I must remember this next time I am in Space NK.

Screw You! Office Shoes


Office Shoes makes – er, shoes, medium to high price range (well, it is the credit crunch). Occasionally the have some real monstrosities, demonstrated here: *If you own any of these shoes, don’t send me hate mail, just because you like wacky footware. Anyway – I have had problems with Office online before. They normally […]

Sula Fragrance Oils & Lipstick Queen Lip Shines


Made another little haul today (even though I didn’t mean to). I went to Space Nk, who you should know I am not a fan of but they had a sale table. The sale table in Space NK is usually a disgrace – old products that are leaking, covered in dirty finger marks, torn boxes, […]

RMK Spring Translucence Mini Haul


I went to RMK today to have a look at the Spring Translucence range.. It was a very meh collection – as pretty as the above multi use palette looked it was utterly, utterly unpigmented. The same for the eyeshadows, (at £20 each) were a pointless purchase. However – all is not lost. The lipstick […]

Instyle 2009 Top Beauty List


I haven’t bought a woman’s magazine for months – they are always full of the same rubbish… “10 ways to spot if he’s cheating” “Are you aging badly?” “The best sex tips of girls EVER” “Does he love you?” “Will you die old and lonely? 10 ways to spot the signs” All the general negative […]

Scarlett Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana Cosmetics


Do you like Scarlett? I am quite fond of her and her big chi-chis although I don’t think she is stunning without the help of maquillage…. …Nothing wrong with that. Here are some shots from the ads she’s shot for Dolce & Gabbana Cosmetics: Do you like? I personally really like the over the top […]

I know, I’m rubbish but look….


It’s the end of the rainbow! Read more here. It’s been a hellishly busy week but kinda productive, which I likey! Lots and lots and lots of good stuff coming up so be patient with me. Meanwhile, it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow, so let’s send some loving to people who need it right now: Victims of […]

Baftas = Boring

This is the completely undefinitive review of the Bafatas 2009 and it completely biased. The “Orange” (note: the worst phone network in history) Bafta is such a boring boring boring awards ceremony and you know half the people there couldn’t really be arsed turning up; its cold and wet in London, no one cares about […]

Nars Mini Haul


It’s Sunday and I’m watching repeats of Jamie Oliver’s Naked Chef. His hair was messy, he wasn’t a daddy, and he lisp was a million times worse. Anyway, I did a mini haul from Nars Spring Collection. The colours are fresh and pastely – which isn’t really my thang, but there you go. I was […]

The thing is….

…it’s been a very busy week, hence the lack of posts.  However, there are tons of reviews and things coming up, which is good of course.  A few reported web problems – it seems that the last template didn’t like Internet Explorer so I have had to change it temporarily to this new, rather cute […]

Is it in the water?

Everyone is a little on the mad side, lately, no? First the Bale, not Etta. I used to like Buoyancy now she grates me like a….grater. She’s everywhere. She’s not as annoying as Mariah Carey, but she’s getting there. Anyway, obviously she sang ‘At Last’ for the Presidents inauguration ball. I presumed Etta James was […]

Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!

I am so utterly obsessed with Illamasqua that I am in danger to getting bored of the brand before I even get started with it.  I can’t look at another brand, I can’t comprehend spending on anything else untill I own every damn shade in their range. I stare at the colours on the website […]

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