Review: Urban Retreat Eye Primer


  I am completely obessed with Eye Primers, so I bought one of these Urban Retreat ones for £7.95 from Boots. Urban Retreat is the brainchild of some of the beauty experts in the UK.  They Say: Created by George Hammer, Urban Retreat is the ultimate destination for the beauty enthusiast. We have two core […]

New ID Cosmetics


Check out this haul! A new discovery, aptly called New ID Cosmetics. I’m going through the haulage throughout this week, there’s some really interesting stuff! tune back in to find out what!

Beauty From the Earth Pigments


I got haulage from Beauty From the Earth Only swatched them so far but they are LOVELY! They are one of the FEW companies that use clear sticky labels that have TABS. There’s nothing more annoying than having 10 pots of pigment to open and you have to spend ages just trying to get your […]

5 Looks with Red Eyeshadow

I am still begrudgingly getting used to Grenadine: A deep matte red eyeshadow – who’d have thunk it?! Here are my 5 ideas on how to wear it: 1. As a super thin liner To do this, just wet the brush and shadow and draw a super thin line close to the lashes. Word of […]



The Oscars is just too much excitement for me, plus they don’t start til some silly time in the UK…So instead I shall wake up tomorrow, find out who won in about 10 seconds and critique the dresses. I will want to know: Who won best actress (please, not Winslet) Who won best supporting actress […]

Bobbi Brown Eye Brights Palette


Yes, yes we are still waiting in the UK for Bobbi Brown’s Eye Brights Palette. It will be released in March and is priced at £40 which is really not bad at all but it is very compact (I personally like neat small compacts anyway). How exciting! Can’t wait to see it!

Adambeauty Haulage


Yay Maquillage! I got the new palettes in the purple and brown set: I love the look of this palette! There’s a cream shadow, three powder shadows and one eyeliner and all the applicators all in a fairly compact, er, compact. I also got the Lip Chocolat Treatment from Kiss: I also got KATE’s palette: […]

Remington Spin Curl = Torture?


I was looking for a new hairdryer when I saw this gnarly looking thing in Boots: You put your hair in the long plastic tube and it gently twists your hair as it dries, giving it a wavy look. Initial thoughts: – I have long hair. This will take me ages to dry my hair […]

Daniel Galvin Hair Juice Melon Shampoo and Conditioner


I am still searching for the perfect shampoo and conditioner. To remind you, I have a horribly flaky and sensitive scalp – most hairdyes feel like lye on my scalp and most shampoos, especially those with a lot of chemicals make my itch like mad. Enter Daniel Galvin’s DGJ Organic Shampoo and Conditioner. I was […]

New Feature: Top 5’s!


New Feature Alert! Top 5’s! Coming up – my top 5 eyeliners, top 5 mascara’s that hold curl, top 5 looks with red get the idea! Any ideas for future Top 5’s let me know in the comments!

Earthbound Organics Skincare


I got six pots of rather generous size samples from Earthbound Skincare, a small company based in Wales. I am always looking out for nice skincare products and recently, since getting patchy, dry and generally badly behaved skin, I want to avoid as many chemical additive and toxins as possible. Here are my pots: Cream […]

Afterglow Mineral Make Up


I liked the look of Afterglow cosmetics pretty purple website so had a dabble in some of the mineral make up products: Foundation in Caramel, Blusher in Peachy, Eyeshadow in Diva, Lipstick in Wink and baby Kabuki brush. I am still quite open minded about mineral make up. I love the idea that I can […]

Bobbi Brown Blushed Pink Collection


Bobbi Brown sure do pick the prettiest models around: She’s stunning right? For Spring, Bobbi Brown has a Blushed Pink Collection – and there’s glitter! Lots of glitter! Lip Colours: Baby Glitter Gloss Blushed Pink Blushed pink lips are the perfect complement to the season’s soft, sparkly eye. Bobbi has created three gorgeous options, each […]

A nomination?!


The only time I get nominated for anything is when it’s – The most lazy awards – The most annoying awards – The most moany awards However, The Make Up Fairy was kind enough to think I was worthy of a blog award! If I don’t win a puppy, I will be very disappointed. So […]

PFB Vanish vs Tend Skin – for ingrown hairs!


Ingrown hairs, like herpes, is a fact of life. But at least with ingrown hairs we now have some easy ways to soothe the problem! Enter PFB Vanish: They say: The roll on applicator has several advantages, you get an even application of product every time, with no waste of product, and the product never […]

Review: Purple Dot Brushes


Because I am utterly rubbish I didn’t have time/semi forgot to share a discount code with you for Valentine’s day for the rather nifty little brush shop, Purple Dot and it expired. *bows head in shame* Purple Dot have a bag and brush range. The brush range is divided into brushes for eyes, for lips […]

Review: Aura Cosmetics


I was browsing the net when I found a very cute looking website called Lilly Loves, that sells pretty stationary and a intriguing looking range called Aura Cosmetics. The six goodies I got are here: I was intrigued by the retro 50s pin up style of the packaging and the look of the products. It […]

Cervical Smears, Cancer and Intimate Lady Chat


You would have to been living under a rock to not have heard that Jade Goody (who started life as a Big Brother contestant) has terminal Cervical Cancer. No matter what you think of her now/then it’s difficult not to feel immensely sorry for someone who has terminal cancer as 27 and will be leaving […]

Review: Steam Cream Me!


When I first heard of steam cream a year ago, I imagined a 1. cream in a tub that either heated itself, creating a facial sauna type effect or 2. a cream that you rub over yourself before getting into a sauna with a group of pygmies. I have a vivid imagination. The truth is […]

Review: Deception by Dremu


So I have already decided that I love Emu Oil on the face – and the entire range of Dremu products looks rather intriguing. So I tried Deception – a wrinkle hiding cream: Deception is a wrinkle hiding cream – it doesn’t pretend to remove them, but makes them look better and the addition of […]

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