Illamasqua Haul Part 3!


My interest in Illamasqua hasn’t wained! This is haul no. 3 courtesy of the other half. I got their cake liner and gel sealer, a illuminator in Halycon and the eyeliner brush. The liner in black – for £16 it comes with a sealing gel. The idea behind the Illamasqua cake liner is that you can mix it up like a paint then apply (I find most eyeshadows go funny if you try to do […]

Green Lipgloss? Christian Dior Wildest Green Lipgloss & MAC Spring Bean


You know green is my favourite colour…but green lipgloss?! Has the world gone mad?! I have been obsessed with the idea of green lipgloss for sometime, but I am aware that it has to be the right shade of green, with micro shimmers, not something matte or opaque – urgh. I’ve had my eye on MAC’s Spring Bean Lustreglass for a while, which is a sheer green – it even has 4.2 on Makeupalley – […]

Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz Time.  I am trying to organize the blog more effectively.  I need a little help from you.  So tell me: 1) Is the posting frequency on this blog fine (its around 3 a day), would you prefer less, some every other day?  I wonder if people have time to read and catch up on posts sometimes. 2) I am considering making videos.  Would you prefer to see videos hosted by YouTube, Vimeo or […]

Quick MAC Hello Kitty Update

I’ve been having a look at the secret MAC URL for the Hello Kitty Preview and its not quite carnage (as it was with Barbie) – the only item that has sold out is Cute-ster lipstick (a sheer coral-peach) everything else is still in stock.  The prices remain the same a lot of the main products (like lipstick, blush) although the Hello Kitty merchandise is quite pricey – £31.32 for the bag, £44.04 for the […]

Lancome: Bafta Red Lipstick and Phia Black Lipgloss, by Aaron De Mey


I don’t do Lancome. I can’t explain it. Generally speaking, there is nada from the counter that I desire. Then I saw this: Oh, so beautiful – the look, the lips, the hair. LOVE. So I stopped by the Lancome counter with no intention of buying anything, so naturally I ended up with two things from this collection – the much hyped Black Phia Gloss and Color Fever lipstick 145 in Red (supposedly a TRUE […]

Sushi at home = Inventions for artards


I love pointless gadgets; ice cream maker, george foreman grills, bread maker, electric tin opener, yoghurt maker – I have them all. I noticed a product called Sushi at home – an easy way to make sushi at home. Cool, I thought. These retail for around £80. It looks like you can drop your rice in one ends, some toppings, some seaweed, roll it and out pops some ready made sushi. How wrong I was! […]

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