Illamasqua Haul No. 2


My first experience with Illmasqua was a heart stopping experience. Now, dusted off and ready for my second dosage, I have had a rather more sedate experience with the brand. I got two palettes (custom ones) with four powder shadows and four cream shadows, one intense lipgloss in Fierce and one eyeliner pencil in Interrogate. Chica also did a great review of her Illamasqua haul you can read about. Intense Lipgloss: Nit Picking Point – […]

Heavenly Naturals Pigments


I got some pigments from a mineral make up company calledHeavenly Naturals – and they are tres pretty! They cost $4.99 each for a full 5gram jar. Dark Circle Concealer: This concealer is salmon coloured and works a treat, especially with a bit of primer underneath so it sticks. I likey! Pigments: Sea Dragon – A rich emerald green colour – like a foresty rich green, very pretty. Paper Doll – A shimmery light pink […]

Oscar Beauty = Your Doin’ it Wrong


The Oscar’s were dull this year – apart from Daniel Craig’s Missus’ disgraceful pink dress, everything was safe and boring. Nevertheless let’s do some Oscar beauty (not very detailed) analysis. Oscar Beauty Diagnosis: Beyonce looked like a chubby faced piggy. Did she have to sweep her hair back like that? Did you see her dress? It was UGLY. Apart from a better stylist, what did Beyonce need some of? She needed some contour! Like Nars […]

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