Korres Gift Sets; Plum, Guava, Something else that’s pink


I picked up three Korres Gift Sets for discounted prices! I am quite fond of Korres although I wouldn’t say I love them – moreover, after this debacle, they offered to send me a replacement, which the never did. Ah that’s right, the pink one Quince, the Plum Gift Set and Guava. The quince and guava sets come with lip butters and a body butter tube and the plum set comes with a lip butter, […]

Getting to know you….

Ok, I don’t do these very often but it’s the beginning of a new week and I’d really like to know who is reading the blog, who is having an exciting/terrible week and who is stalking me. So it’s getting to know you day!  5 questions… 1. Who are you and what do you want to eat right now? Chinese War-Tip Dumplings 2. What is on your lemming (must buy) beauty list right now? Clarins […]

Review: Urban Retreat Eye Primer


  I am completely obessed with Eye Primers, so I bought one of these Urban Retreat ones for £7.95 from Boots. Urban Retreat is the brainchild of some of the beauty experts in the UK.  They Say: Created by George Hammer, Urban Retreat is the ultimate destination for the beauty enthusiast. We have two core locations situated on the fifth floor of Harrods and Harvey Nichols in Manchester, as well as our online store Beautique.com and […]

New ID Cosmetics


Check out this haul! A new discovery, aptly called New ID Cosmetics. I’m going through the haulage throughout this week, there’s some really interesting stuff! tune back in to find out what!

Beauty From the Earth Pigments


I got haulage from Beauty From the Earth Only swatched them so far but they are LOVELY! They are one of the FEW companies that use clear sticky labels that have TABS. There’s nothing more annoying than having 10 pots of pigment to open and you have to spend ages just trying to get your fingernail under it. Sage – Blueberry – Marigold – Honey – Caribbean – Sugar Plum – Addicted – Crush – […]

5 Looks with Red Eyeshadow


I am still begrudgingly getting used to Grenadine: A deep matte red eyeshadow – who’d have thunk it?! Here are my 5 ideas on how to wear it: 1. As a super thin liner To do this, just wet the brush and shadow and draw a super thin line close to the lashes. Word of warning – Grenadine does NOT like direct contact with water – it went all hard on mine but luckily I […]



The Oscars is just too much excitement for me, plus they don’t start til some silly time in the UK…So instead I shall wake up tomorrow, find out who won in about 10 seconds and critique the dresses. I will want to know: Who won best actress (please, not Winslet) Who won best supporting actress (please, not Cruz! Give it to little Amy Adams!) Who won best actor (let it me Mickey! I want him […]

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