A nomination?!


The only time I get nominated for anything is when it’s – The most lazy awards – The most annoying awards – The most moany awards However, The Make Up Fairy was kind enough to think I was worthy of a blog award! If I don’t win a puppy, I will be very disappointed. So […]

PFB Vanish vs Tend Skin – for ingrown hairs!


Ingrown hairs, like herpes, is a fact of life. But at least with ingrown hairs we now have some easy ways to soothe the problem! Enter PFB Vanish: They say: The roll on applicator has several advantages, you get an even application of product every time, with no waste of product, and the product never […]

Review: Purple Dot Brushes


Because I am utterly rubbish I didn’t have time/semi forgot to share a discount code with you for Valentine’s day for the rather nifty little brush shop, Purple Dot and it expired. *bows head in shame* Purple Dot have a bag and brush range. The brush range is divided into brushes for eyes, for lips […]

Review: Aura Cosmetics


I was browsing the net when I found a very cute looking website called Lilly Loves, that sells pretty stationary and a intriguing looking range called Aura Cosmetics. The six goodies I got are here: I was intrigued by the retro 50s pin up style of the packaging and the look of the products. It […]

Cervical Smears, Cancer and Intimate Lady Chat


You would have to been living under a rock to not have heard that Jade Goody (who started life as a Big Brother contestant) has terminal Cervical Cancer. No matter what you think of her now/then it’s difficult not to feel immensely sorry for someone who has terminal cancer as 27 and will be leaving […]

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