A nomination?!


The only time I get nominated for anything is when it’s – The most lazy awards – The most annoying awards – The most moany awards However, The Make Up Fairy was kind enough to think I was worthy of a blog award! If I don’t win a puppy, I will be very disappointed. So here it is: The rules for nominating: 1. Put the logo on your blog or post 2. Nominate at least […]

PFB Vanish vs Tend Skin – for ingrown hairs!


Ingrown hairs, like herpes, is a fact of life. But at least with ingrown hairs we now have some easy ways to soothe the problem! Enter PFB Vanish: They say: The roll on applicator has several advantages, you get an even application of product every time, with no waste of product, and the product never gets on your hands…no need for a cotton ball or make-up pad anymore. * Roll-on applicator “never comes in contact […]

Review: Purple Dot Brushes


Because I am utterly rubbish I didn’t have time/semi forgot to share a discount code with you for Valentine’s day for the rather nifty little brush shop, Purple Dot and it expired. *bows head in shame* Purple Dot have a bag and brush range. The brush range is divided into brushes for eyes, for lips and faces. The first thing I noticed is that the prices are very competitive – and eyeliner brush for example […]

Review: Aura Cosmetics


I was browsing the net when I found a very cute looking website called Lilly Loves, that sells pretty stationary and a intriguing looking range called Aura Cosmetics. The six goodies I got are here: I was intrigued by the retro 50s pin up style of the packaging and the look of the products. It very much reminds me of Benefit – the cute boxes, the unusual multi tasking products. Bronzed Shimmering Sun £15.00 This […]

Cervical Smears, Cancer and Intimate Lady Chat


You would have to been living under a rock to not have heard that Jade Goody (who started life as a Big Brother contestant) has terminal Cervical Cancer. No matter what you think of her now/then it’s difficult not to feel immensely sorry for someone who has terminal cancer as 27 and will be leaving two young children behind. I have actually been ranting about the importance of Cervical Smears (or Pap Smears in the […]

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