Review: Steam Cream Me!


When I first heard of steam cream a year ago, I imagined a 1. cream in a tub that either heated itself, creating a facial sauna type effect or 2. a cream that you rub over yourself before getting into a sauna with a group of pygmies. I have a vivid imagination. The truth is much simpler! Steam Cream is a very simple steam formulated multi purpose creamm coming in a simple silver 75g tub […]

Review: Deception by Dremu


So I have already decided that I love Emu Oil on the face – and the entire range of Dremu products looks rather intriguing. So I tried Deception – a wrinkle hiding cream: Deception is a wrinkle hiding cream – it doesn’t pretend to remove them, but makes them look better and the addition of Emu Oil keeps everything moisturized. It is little known that the human eye cannot see ‘a wrinkle’. What the eye […]

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