Super Screw You: Office Shoes are crap!

Ok so I was ranting about Office Shoes a few days ago – well surprise, surprise – I got some emails through: That’s right folks! NONE of the shoes I ordered are in stock – yet they are STILL advertised as in stock on the website. This makes Office Shoes Complete and Utter Crap Crap […]

ID Bare Escentuals Prime Time Goodies & Brushes


I decided to do a haul at Bare Esventuals – the brand is starting ti break through in the UK although I haven’t tried any of their bases. I got their brow get, a brush, prime time and eyeliner sealer. You know I love primers! Barevitamins Prime Time Lid Primer: They Say: Designed especially for […]

The Bravissimo Advert is Annoying


This new bravissimo got on my nerves. Bravissimo are a company that make bras for big chi-chis. Back in the day, it was hard to get hold of bras if you had a fairly small back and big boobies so Bravissimo really took off. Nothing wrong with that… As a gal with big boobs myself […]

Review: Jenulence Minerals Eye Pigments


I got four Jenulence Mineral Eyeshadows in the post in Gold, Apricot Tan, Bronze and Aquamarine: The shades are pigmented and quite fine textured with a slight shimmer to each eyeshadow. They were very easy to use and blend but I’d definately recommend a primer (as with any loose powder eyeshadow) to make sure it […]

Review: Gloves in a bottle


Although I have rather soft hands, it won’t always be this way. Our hands like out necks are supposed to be unable to hide our real age…check out Angelina’s paws: Face = GODDESS! Paws = ARRGHHH! That’s why we need to take care of out paws whilst they are still youthful since they take a […]

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