Mum – is that you?

Lady missed her flight and went a bit nuts. You can’t blame her for expressing herself – I must remember this next time I am in Space NK.

I spit on your peri-peri and mango chutney

Kikkoman* Soy sauce is the best dressing/condiment in the world! Agree/Disagree? *Kikkoman is a brand of Soy Sauce. There are other brands available.

Screw You! Office Shoes


Office Shoes makes – er, shoes, medium to high price range (well, it is the credit crunch). Occasionally the have some real monstrosities, demonstrated here: *If you own any of…

Sula Fragrance Oils & Lipstick Queen Lip Shines


Made another little haul today (even though I didn’t mean to). I went to Space Nk, who you should know I am not a fan of but they had a…

RMK Spring Translucence Mini Haul


I went to RMK today to have a look at the Spring Translucence range.. It was a very meh collection – as pretty as the above multi use palette looked…

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