Do not be alarmed….

Just playing around with templates! Although I like my current blue template it’s missing a bit of sparkle. So I am just playing around with a few, do not be alarmed!

New RMK Base Products


Released for Spring 2009 , RMK have some new base products. I am a big fan of the creamy foundation…it’s my second fav after La Mer’s. On the RMK site it says: It looks like there is a main powder and a highlight shade? I like the fact that there is a sponge for the […]

3 Cool Things for the Weekend!


As a general rule, I don’t think cool stuff should happen on a Friday.  It should happen on a Monday, when we’ve lost the will to live.   Anyway, 3 rather cool announcements! 1. Every Monday I will be now organising a give away! (Unless I can’t because I’m not here obviously!).  That’s right!  Every depressing Monday […]

L’oreal Hip Kohl Liners


Ooh ooh! New discovery alert (well for me anyway). We don’t have L’oreal Hip in the UK! Anyway check these out! L’oreal Hip Kohl Eyeliners! Burgundy: Gold: Teal: Black: Swatches – burgundy, gold, teal, black, navy (with flash) No Flash: So far I am liking these a lot! They cost $13.00 each (you can probably […]



I look like a zoned out zombie… Kate Deep Trap One in GN-1. It’s out of stock at the moment on Adambeauty, but keep an eye out for it to comeback in stock here.

Illamasqua Haul Part 3!


My interest in Illamasqua hasn’t wained! This is haul no. 3 courtesy of the other half. I got their cake liner and gel sealer, a illuminator in Halycon and the eyeliner brush. The liner in black – for £16 it comes with a sealing gel. The idea behind the Illamasqua cake liner is that you […]

Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz Time.  I am trying to organize the blog more effectively.  I need a little help from you.  So tell me: 1) Is the posting frequency on this blog fine (its around 3 a day), would you prefer less, some every other day?  I wonder if people have time to read and catch up […]

Quick MAC Hello Kitty Update

I’ve been having a look at the secret MAC URL for the Hello Kitty Preview and its not quite carnage (as it was with Barbie) – the only item that has sold out is Cute-ster lipstick (a sheer coral-peach) everything else is still in stock.  The prices remain the same a lot of the main […]

Sushi at home = Inventions for artards


I love pointless gadgets; ice cream maker, george foreman grills, bread maker, electric tin opener, yoghurt maker – I have them all. I noticed a product called Sushi at home – an easy way to make sushi at home. Cool, I thought. These retail for around £80. It looks like you can drop your rice […]

MAC Hello Kitty Previews Online Tomorrow!


Hey – I’m not completely anti MAC you know? MAC Hello Kitty will arrive in the UK tomorrow, previews start online first thing in the morning! The site always crashes for these things, as it did for Manish, so you need to get your list ready now by browsing on the US site and just […]

What do you drink?


Over the last few weeks I seem to have accumulated tons of herbal teas on my desk at work. I have been actively trying to cut down on coffee and tea, since I am fairly allergic to dairy (but drink milk anyway) and have a very sensitive gut in general. Sometimes there’s nothing like a […]

Chanel White Blanc Kohl Eyeliner


I have been looking like a zombie lately – lots of work to do, alas I can’t complain because it’s all good stuf…no wait. I will complain. I’m tired, and I need more sleep! I decided I was in need of a white eye pencil for keeping my eyes looking bright. I have tried numerous […]

Illamasqua Haul No. 2


My first experience with Illmasqua was a heart stopping experience. Now, dusted off and ready for my second dosage, I have had a rather more sedate experience with the brand. I got two palettes (custom ones) with four powder shadows and four cream shadows, one intense lipgloss in Fierce and one eyeliner pencil in Interrogate. […]

Heavenly Naturals Pigments


I got some pigments from a mineral make up company calledHeavenly Naturals – and they are tres pretty! They cost $4.99 each for a full 5gram jar. Dark Circle Concealer: This concealer is salmon coloured and works a treat, especially with a bit of primer underneath so it sticks. I likey! Pigments: Sea Dragon – […]

Oscar Beauty = Your Doin’ it Wrong


The Oscar’s were dull this year – apart from Daniel Craig’s Missus’ disgraceful pink dress, everything was safe and boring. Nevertheless let’s do some Oscar beauty (not very detailed) analysis. Oscar Beauty Diagnosis: Beyonce looked like a chubby faced piggy. Did she have to sweep her hair back like that? Did you see her dress? […]

Korres Gift Sets; Plum, Guava, Something else that’s pink


I picked up three Korres Gift Sets for discounted prices! I am quite fond of Korres although I wouldn’t say I love them – moreover, after this debacle, they offered to send me a replacement, which the never did. Ah that’s right, the pink one Quince, the Plum Gift Set and Guava. The quince and […]

Getting to know you….

Ok, I don’t do these very often but it’s the beginning of a new week and I’d really like to know who is reading the blog, who is having an exciting/terrible week and who is stalking me. So it’s getting to know you day!  5 questions… 1. Who are you and what do you want […]

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