New RMK Base Products


Released for Spring 2009 , RMK have some new base products. I am a big fan of the creamy foundation…it’s my second fav after La Mer’s. On the RMK site it says: It looks like there is a main powder and a highlight shade? I like the fact that there is a sponge for the first application and a brush for topping up through the day. The shades: I am a 103 in the winter, […]

L’oreal Hip Kohl Liners vs Guerlain Terracotta Kohl Loose Powder


Today we are going to compare and contrast two similar looking products – Guerlain’s Terracotta Loose Kohl liners and the newly released L’oreal HIP Kohl Eyeliners. Loose powder eyeliner is a funny one. It can be messy. It gets in your eyes. You don’t get much powder for your money. On the other hand, loose powder kohls can give a softer, smouldering look compared to a gel liner or a pencil. It’s more likely to […]

3 Cool Things for the Weekend!


As a general rule, I don’t think cool stuff should happen on a Friday.  It should happen on a Monday, when we’ve lost the will to live.   Anyway, 3 rather cool announcements! 1. Every Monday I will be now organising a give away! (Unless I can’t because I’m not here obviously!).  That’s right!  Every depressing Monday there will be a giveaway on Cosmetic Candy! 2. On Cosmetic Candy Shop, from Monday 2nd March for one week […]

L’oreal Hip Kohl Liners


Ooh ooh! New discovery alert (well for me anyway). We don’t have L’oreal Hip in the UK! Anyway check these out! L’oreal Hip Kohl Eyeliners! Burgundy: Gold: Teal: Black: Swatches – burgundy, gold, teal, black, navy (with flash) No Flash: So far I am liking these a lot! They cost $13.00 each (you can probably get them cheaper though) – the colours are pretty funky and unique and I have found it quite easy to […]



I look like a zoned out zombie… Kate Deep Trap One in GN-1. It’s out of stock at the moment on Adambeauty, but keep an eye out for it to comeback in stock here.

Illamasqua Haul Part 3!


My interest in Illamasqua hasn’t wained! This is haul no. 3 courtesy of the other half. I got their cake liner and gel sealer, a illuminator in Halycon and the eyeliner brush. The liner in black – for £16 it comes with a sealing gel. The idea behind the Illamasqua cake liner is that you can mix it up like a paint then apply (I find most eyeshadows go funny if you try to do […]

Green Lipgloss? Christian Dior Wildest Green Lipgloss & MAC Spring Bean


You know green is my favourite colour…but green lipgloss?! Has the world gone mad?! I have been obsessed with the idea of green lipgloss for sometime, but I am aware that it has to be the right shade of green, with micro shimmers, not something matte or opaque – urgh. I’ve had my eye on MAC’s Spring Bean Lustreglass for a while, which is a sheer green – it even has 4.2 on Makeupalley – […]

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