Lavshuca & Kate Spring 2009


There was a time when I loved Lavshuca like I loved…Krispy Kreme. I haven’t been impressed with Lavshuca for a LONG time and it used to be my true love: What do you think of Lavshuca Spring 2009: Blah blah blah. Always the same thing, variations of the same kind of colours. I want STRONG! I want CONTRASTS! Even the green palette doesn’t grab me. Lipstick sure is purdy and looks pigmented too: PK2 and […]

My ass isn’t big, the world just shrunk – Guardian Eat Right Diet Plan


I can no longer deny the fact that I am chubby. I am a UK size 12, 14 on top because of my Chi-Chis. Nevertheless although I am Aretha, I have a good layer of padding. If I fell from a 4th floor apartment, I’m quite sure I would be ok, so long as I landed tit first. Today I bought My Fitness Coach for the Wii. It has rave reviews on Amazon and I […]

Say No to Hauls


Boo Hiss. Was dying for the Jill Stuart New Eye Jellies, but the exchange rate, (even worse when Paypal calculates it) is so bad: I am definately being more controlled (marginally) with my make up spending, but my overall goal this year was to cut down by like, oooh, 80%? Isn’t that the equivalent of coming off crack? The credit crunch, it seems is making the decisions for me because with many international sellers accepting […]

Bargain Hunter: Avon Haul


Well well well. With the economy in crisis and the pound weaker than ever against the dollar, one must be frugal when indulging in hauls, which is not easy with al the Spring goodies coming up. Not easy at all. I like Reece Witherspoon and her giant chin, I really do. She was on TV telling me about her cheating husband new Avon Super Shock mascara, and I bought. I bought it because she is […]

Cle De Peau Lipstick


I have already tried out some of Cle De Peau’s extra silky lipsticks – absolutely gorgeous, orgasmic lip colours but oh so expensive to go with it. I decided to try out one of the Lipstick N – this one resembles a traditional lipstick. I got shade 24. Like all Cle De Peau products it is expensive, around $50 USD. For a lipstick! I know! But I’d rather spend it on a lipstick than a […]

DNails Graduation Kit


So I have got into nails lately, and made an effort to paint them with some little pop of colour, although they chip quickly with me and my, er, active hand actions. I spotted this kit: on The idea is that you can use this to create a graduated nail effect, as with airbrushing. The plain one costs $21 and the lame has glitter in it and costs $22. Here are the instructions. Easy […]

Oscar Nominations


Ooh I love the Oscars. Here are the Nominations and my guesses: Best Film Slumdog Millionaire The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Frost/Nixon Milk The Reader My Choice: I think they are all borrrinnnngg. I’ll go for Milk because I like Milk in my tea. Probably will win: The Reader (because it’s about war! death! destruction! Kate Winslet’s Chi Chis!) Best Actress Anne Hathaway – Rachel Getting Married Angelina Jolie – The Changeling Melissa Leo […]

Review: Chantecaille Total Concealer


Chantecaille makes some seriously stunning but rather expensive make up but you know I love concealer. This Total Concealer comes in a 3.5gram pot but yep – you only need a little bit. This is a treatment concealer, they say: A special gel mix of olive oil and tamanu nut oil provides a nourishing and full layer of coverage that manages to seamlessly cover dark circles and blemishes. Chamomile, green tea, orchid extract and wild […]

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