This was enough to put me off my Monster Munch. Not only does she look stoned, I don’t believe for a second, Mr Photoshop-getting-a-bonus-soon man, that she has curves on her skinny thighs or fat on her butt. It’s just kinda gross and…desperate. Ding Ding round three? Whatever next? Wearing an Armani thong with her […]

Jill Stuart 2009 Spring


I am annoyed at reader Sue for drawing my attention to the new Jill Stuart Collection and thus hurting my bank balance. Again. Jill Stuart is so super pretty but I am always left feeling disappointed by their quads. I love their glosses, powders and eye jellies though. New lipglosses: Yet another load of purple/pink […]

Juvenile Nail Polish of the Day: Kiss


My nails are STILL disgusting after using the Marianne Newman nail polish in Midnight without a base. I know! But it was supposed to wash off! I decided to try some unopened polish today from Kiss: Firstly – I know, the colour is bright but I like bright lime, ok?! That’s not the problem. The […]

Mini Haul and General Lathargy


I got a mini haul from Adambeauty yesterday, which I shall share… Esprique Precious Lipstick Dress on Moist Rouge in BE311 This lipstick is so lush, the texture and everything is divine. I have my eye on the Rose lipstick now since the texture really is fab. I also love the Coffret D’or Quads from […]

Review: Nars Firming Foundation


Skincare and Cosmetics is merging…this is the point where I am supposed to have some kind of scientific stuff ad include my evidence and what not but you don’t need that! As a beauty junkie, you should already know, these days nearly all cosmetics have some kind of ‘beneficial’ goodness (or so they say) in […]

Korres Green Silt & Corallina Hair & Scalp Scrub


I am still looking for a solution to my badly behaved scalp. I found this intriguing product by Greek Brand Korres, which is a scrub….for the scalp! The gel is a green colour with small slit particles in it. About 4 pumps can cover your scalp and then you can give it a good rub […]

Bare Minerals Rocker Eye Kit


I have never tried Bare Minerals before – its not that big in the UK but I have seen this kit around before. This kit costs £28 in the UK and comes with 3 pigments and a brush. Keep it away from the kids though:

Do you care about Zhang Ziyi’s butt?


I really don’t. Well maybe a little. Anyway, I found it mildly interesting, in the way I find laminate flooring fascinating. But anyway, apparently pictures of Ziyi on the beach with her uber rich and rather powerful sugardaddy (yah, yah I know she has money. But she ain’t got his money or his connections – […]

Beauty Bag Steal from Primark


My make up collection is still in a state of disaray, so at the moment, I have my day to day products in a plastic bag next to my bed. Oh yes. The glamour. So I decided I needed a fairly big train case type vanity bag. I found some on eBay for around £15 […]

Trying to blog on the phone…

Testing, testing! Just to let you gals know I have been to the post office today to be drained dry by Royal Mail – your parcels are on their way to you! Give it up to 10 days and drop me an email when they get to you ladies! Apart from that, today, Friday is […]

Moom Hair Removal


Ever since I had a super traumatic experience with threading on my upper lip, I haven’t touched the area with tweezers or anything. Nope. I’ve let it grow because I couldn’t face the pain. Step in Moom. I spotted this little kit for £5 on the net so thought what the hell! I had no […]

Elemis Pro Collagen Quartz Mask


I get samples all the time and very rarely do I like something I like so much I go out and buy the full sized thing. Very rarely. I tried Elemis for the first time recently, and liked quite a few of their goods. I had a 30ml sample of the Elemis Pro Collagen Quartz […]

Listen up Competition Winners!

I am missing 2 address – Kat C. who own the Four mememe blushers and I realised I forgot to announce the winner for the Mascara and False Lashes prize (I think. Drop me an email if you won it and I’ve just lost your email!!). So the winner of that is: Contact me asap […]

Phillip Kingsley Scalp Tonic, Shampoo Products for Itchy, Sore Scalps


I have mentioned before that I have a very sensitive scalp that can be extremely uncomfortable. As a result I wash my hair everyday as I can’t stand any grease or build up, and I find it temporarily solves the irritation. I have tried many many remedies. Some people presume that if you say you […]

Kate Eyeshadow Palettes & Heated Eye Pads


Made a little Adambeauty Haul this week – just a tidgy one to keep me going. This consisted of Kate Select Eye Quads, which come in brown and black: As you can see, quite a nice set of graduated shades. It’s a palette that I thought I could carry around with me in the make […]

Butter Face of the Day

Butterface – Chick with a nice body but an ugly face. “Victoria Beckham had an amazing photoshopped body…but her face (butter face).”

New Tweezers Alert, Part 1


A reader alerted me to the fact there were some nifty tweezers in a shop called Octopus in the UK. They sell quite quirky goodies in there, and I found the tweezers for £7.50. I picked these ones: They come with a sucker: These may be cheap but they are very good! I got these […]

Winner Announcement I forgot!

Reader Blu, rightly reminded me I had forgot to announce one of the winners! this was for the 27th Dec, Jonathan Saunders Set from no. 17. This was the joke competition. I read them all to the other half and he said you are all lame at telling jokes, although he was quite fond on […]

Stress Relief

…what’s the best ways?  Can someone share?  I am stressed beyond belief at the moment – if it’s not one thing then its something else.  It makes me wonder, where do most of our problems come from?  Self made? Other people?  Environment? Society? Will be a bit slow to chat on comments for a day […]

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