Email Chaos

Just a quick note. Emails are a bit sticky of late. If you need to email me cos you want to buy something from the shop or just general chatter and I don’t reply within 12 hours, just leave me a comment! I am also not getting comment notifications so bear with me if there is a delay!

First Impressions: Monday Haulage!


There’s nothing better to make gloomy Mondays go faster then a little haul: I got SANA Extra Quick Mascara: SANA mascara’s generally speaking are excellent so I can’t wait to try this out. Bihada Base: I wasn’t that impressed to see it was silconey as opposed to a cream based but this is quite unusual – it has small beads in it which disappear into the skin and it did really leave me with an […]

Jessica Simpson – Fat or FIt?


Jessica Simpson is annoying even if you just look at her – but lately she seems to have been eating one too many Eccles cakes. She is definately looking meatier, right? What do you think? I actually don’t have much against Jessica, I think she’s a terrible singer but she does get on my rack like Sienna Miller does or Kate Beckinsale. To be fair, she is now normal woman sized – she’s chunky for […]

Cosmetic Candy Shop Launched!


I have got another blog on the go with the bits of make up I don’t need/want/have room for. I tend to buy a lot of back ups, in the vain belief that will actually finish something (I won’t). 95% of the stuff is boxed, new, sealed, only 1% is lightly tested. I have stated the condition of everything on the listing, as well as the prices. If you have any questions, do ask me […]

What’s wrong with it?!


SO everyone is bitching about Aretha’s hat? What’s wrong with it?! I think it’s lovely! I would wear it, absolutely! not to Tesco, but I would, I definately would. At least she didn’t wear this:

Yu Skin / Yu Be loves Miffy


Screw you MAC and your Hello Kitty collection. Before our favourite little kitty cat took over the world, there was a tight lipped, dignified little rabbit, called Miffy. I like Miffy. Whilst Hello Kitty is whoring herself out, promoting MAC and getting skin cancer.. Miffy stays tight lipped and keeps it real. So I squealed like a girl, a real girl when I saw Yu Skin’s (or Yu Be in Europe) Bruna* range with Miffy: […]

Spring Lemmings!


So I said I was bored of buying stuff. What that means is that I won’t buy things in every shade, I’ll just buy the shades I’ll actually wear…. I must, I must have: 1)Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin & 24/7 Pencils (my favourite) in Graffiti, Flipside, Ransom and Underground. Boots normally do offers on Urban Decay like 500 points for two purchases, so we could be talking like £10 in points! 2) Bobbi […]

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