Myleene Klass resembles Donnie Yen

This isn’t the best example, but CHECK IT OUT! Separated at birth? It’s hard finding a picture of Myleene when she doesn’t have a maniacal grin on her face but I sort of managed it. I forget she used to take her kit off for lads magazines a lot…anyway, just a random thought of the day!

Valentine’s Gift Idea! Illamasqua


Seeing as I will probably get a ham sandwich for Valentine’s Day, I may as well drop some hints. My new love is Illamasqua, right? Well they have 3 Valentine’s gift sets which should suit every useless boyfriend: They Say: Illamasqua celebrates revealing your alter ago and brings you the perfect must-have Valentine’s gifts. With three amazing products including a pre-filled 4-Colour Lip Palette, a pre-filled Valentine’s Palette and a Femme Fatale Kit – it’s […]

Visee on

Adambeauty will get quite exciting next week as he brings in Visee, Majolica Majorca, Lavshuca, MAQUillage – he tends to upload them in chunks so it can be worth holding on if you are waiting for him to list a specific item. I nearly bought a Visee palette then realised I am going to save my pennies and do a once over Illamasqua. That’s right – I am going to be sensible about this! (kind […]

Screw You!: Salon


I made a medium, albeit expensive haul from a few weeks back – some face mask, some new tweezers, random bit of crap that somehow added up to a small fortune. I was about to use the Korres Scalp Scrub today and… I don’t normally check expiry dates but… 05/08? I do believe we are in 01/2009! Emailed them 2 days ago and no response as of yet. I could of course, keep on […]

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