The Stig looks like Sting!


Nnnoooo! I haven’t been this annoyed since they outed Banksy. Anyway this is the Stig, stuntman Ben Collins: Normally seen as: Whatever next?! Wentworth Miller is gay? Tut.

Kelly Brook Sacked

Poor Kelly Brook. Sacked after just 6 days of Britain’s Got Talent – but as one of my eye witnesses at one of the shows said, “She looks like she’s made of plastic and she’s such an airhead” (this is a Man who said this by this by the way). Nevermind, it was fun while […]

Kao Prettia Hair Color


Instructions? Who needs instructions I said, as I slapped yet another hair dye on my head today. I went for something different today – no time to go for highlights, scalp to sensitive for the like of Feria, I bought 2 packs of Kao (a Japanese household brand) Prettia Hair Colour. This is about $8 […]

Haulage Pics for Tues


Happy Inauguration Day! Very busy so will be slower with the blogging this week. Nevertheless here are some haulies made today: Prettia Hair Dye – this is Cool Brown: Hmm I can’t read Japanese: Alleged results: I also got these nail polishes that are supposed to give you an airbrushed effect: Elizabeth has 4 new […]

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