Homework for the day

You have been ordered to view this video and give it 5 stars: Come on! I gave you all freebies didn’t I? (yes, that is bribery). Had a weird dream last night – me and TOH (the other half – Mandypandy taught me this) we driving to the biggest shopping centre in the world, in […]

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick – Make your own Palette!


In case you haven’t noticed, I do like to make my own palettes, as witnessed here with my Nars Multiple Palette (I was ahead of them), my multi talented palette or just putting palettes together in general. I bought a Make Up Forever plastic palette with 12 squares from a UK based shop called PAM […]



This was enough to put me off my Monster Munch. Not only does she look stoned, I don’t believe for a second, Mr Photoshop-getting-a-bonus-soon man, that she has curves on her skinny thighs or fat on her butt. It’s just kinda gross and…desperate. Ding Ding round three? Whatever next? Wearing an Armani thong with her […]

Top 5 List – Where to buy your Asian cosmetics


I get asked a lot about the best places to buy Asian cosmetics. Most of these places will be known to fans of Asian products, but hopefully you will find some good sources too. Read on to see the list!…

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