Do you care about Zhang Ziyi’s butt?


I really don’t. Well maybe a little. Anyway, I found it mildly interesting, in the way I find laminate flooring fascinating. But anyway, apparently pictures of Ziyi on the beach with her uber rich and rather powerful sugardaddy (yah, yah I know she has money. But she ain’t got his money or his connections – Would you date him? By date, you have to do all the other stuff that non-Christian couples do with each […]

Beauty Bag Steal from Primark


My make up collection is still in a state of disaray, so at the moment, I have my day to day products in a plastic bag next to my bed. Oh yes. The glamour. So I decided I needed a fairly big train case type vanity bag. I found some on eBay for around £15 and a simple black on from Muji for £14. The thing is I wanted something simple but easy to use, […]

Trying to blog on the phone…

Testing, testing! Just to let you gals know I have been to the post office today to be drained dry by Royal Mail – your parcels are on their way to you! Give it up to 10 days and drop me an email when they get to you ladies! Apart from that, today, Friday is going to be one of those days – in fact its just been one of those weeks. Got a small […]

Moom Hair Removal


Ever since I had a super traumatic experience with threading on my upper lip, I haven’t touched the area with tweezers or anything. Nope. I’ve let it grow because I couldn’t face the pain. Step in Moom. I spotted this little kit for £5 on the net so thought what the hell! I had no luck with those little ready to go waxing strips, since they lack precision. You get a few strips, two sticks […]

Elemis Pro Collagen Quartz Mask


I get samples all the time and very rarely do I like something I like so much I go out and buy the full sized thing. Very rarely. I tried Elemis for the first time recently, and liked quite a few of their goods. I had a 30ml sample of the Elemis Pro Collagen Quartz Lifting Mask and fell in love – it made my skin feel plumped and smooth right away. This is not […]

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