New Urban Decay


Uh-Huh. Urban Decay have some new, very good goodies: The 24/7 Pencils: Graffiti, Flipside, Rasom and Underground. The new SIN Primer Potion! This is the UDPP formula but with shimmers! You can see the product here, on makeupandbeauty blog. How exciting!

Nars Spring Summer 2009


Yeah! There’s nothing like a new Nars Collection to get us salivating. Well…let’s just say it looks…brave. Let’s investigate! Pastel Duos: Hula looks nice but I’m not hot on pastels. Blush Duo Bit of a highlighting duo but I this this is super pretty and a must have. Solos: Night Sun looks nice, but there […]

Haul: AHA Cleansers


I spotted the AHA cleansing range a while ago and it looked tempting – it’s those apples!: The apple content is supposed to work as a mild peeling ingredient with brightening properties. The range is pretty comprehensive: There’s a milk cleanser: A cream cleanser: A facial liquid soap: A cleansing oil: Soap: Soapy facial wash: […]

Lunasol Contrasting Lipliner


Last year I was in love with Lunasol, but now I am finding the brand a bit dull. Nevertheless I found this cool lipliner (double ended) for a bargain price of $14.99 on eBay. I have the neutral one of this…somewhere. That cost about £18 at the time so I was happy to snap this […]

Winner Announcement!

One winner announced each day this week! All items posted at the end of the annoucments! Prize here was the Anna Sui Gloss and Lavshuca Lipstick: Well done winner! Thanks to everyone for entering. Just send me – Name: Prize won: Full Postal Address: Email – Woot Woot!

Gigantic Mouth of the Day


Come on! You know its HUGE. Anne Hathaway needs to a. Lay off the attention seeking red lipstick b. And smile with no teef, like Vicky Beckham. She’s scaring me, mommy!.

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