Kate Winslet – Quote of the Day


Never got the appeal of Kate Winslet. Prettish girl, but I find her an average actress and she is oh-so-concieted. “I’m Kate! I’m so normal! I’m so normal! Look at me I’m normal!” ‘I’m so sorry Annie (Hathaway) ,Meryl (Streep). Kristin (Scott Thomas) and I can’t remember the other one, oh Angelina (Jolie). Angelina will […]

Cle De Peau Extra Silky Lipstick


I have been lusting over lots of high end products lately and Cle De Peau’s Extra Silky Lipsticks caught my eye. These babies are $50 each! Extortionate. The come in sexy long blue tubes: You get a jewel on the top: We have 102 and 114: 102 is called cognac brown – I was a […]

Screw You: The National Lottery Alerts


Tut. You wake up on a Sunday Morning groggy. You had an argument with the other half the night before because he was being a selfish pig, and as a protest you stayed up till 7am. When you wake up you instinctively check your Blackberry to see what messages you got. You see this: Oh […]

Boob Job! Price – Your Dignity!


So I’m watching a documentary about a website that women can join if they want a boob job for free, and a number of lonely, desperate men all over the world, who cannot get a woman in real life donate towards the surgery. But this is not a proper charity! No, in return you need […]

Coffret D’or Luminous Accent Eye Shadow


I could be wrong, but from what I remember, Coffret D’or was a replacement for T’estimo, a brand I adored. Coffret D’or has been MEH for me – I have a few of their lipsticks and eyeshadow quads, but I didn’t feel it. Something about their new quads, Luminous Accent Eyeshadows captured me: I love […]

Winner Announcement!


One winner announced each day this week! All items posted at the end of the annoucments! Prize here was the MU GU Foundations! Well done winner! Just send me your postal address: rowena@cosmetic-candy.com Woot Woot!

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