New Born Brow Pencil Tool


I’ve got into brows lately even though mine are quite dark and don’t need too much filling. I purchased this dual function brow pencil and mascara from Ichibankao, by a brand NEW BORN which is from SANA. I choose this one as I prefer a hard pencil and mascara to comb brows into shape. New born has a few other types aside from this: Pencil and Felt Tip (for precision) Brow Pencil, Powder and brush. […]

Emma Thompson says British men are retards, knows everything


Emma Thompson is my new god. She says of her husband, the extremely handsome Greg Wise: “There are lots of nice things about British men. For instance, they can be very funny and very self-deprecating. In Britain, you very rarely get the sort of macho self-confidence of the Latin man who is so out there and sort of: ‘Yes! Of course! I’m lovely!’ I like that about them. “But, on the other hand, when it […]

Winner Announcement!

One winner announced each day this week! All items posted at the end of the annoucments! Prize here was the MU GU Benetint. Well done winner! Thanks to everyone for entering. Just send me – Name: Prize won: Full Postal Address: Email – Woot Woot!

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