Winner Announcement!

One winner announced each day this week! All items posted at the end of the annoucments! Prize here was the Mini Bourjois. Before I announce the winner – Ladies! I am disturbed by the amount of women that would choose donald trump over going gay! A good answer, also, Nikki! Well done winner! Thanks to […]

RMK Spring Translucence


RMK will be launching their Spring Translucence range in Feb in the UK. It sure looks pretty. But I have been sorely disappointed with the special collections from RMK lately. Whilst the base and lipsticks are lovely, the Christmas palette was unpigmented and a little dull, and the collection before that was also lacklustre. The […]

Cuteness for Friday


As reported, my littlest cousin is now 3 months! And cute: Know what it reminded me of? Pubert from the Addams Family! No need for a wig of course!

Sonia Rykiel Haul


Sonia Rykiel is a Japanese cosmetics brand (even though the designer herself is European) – its one of the higher end brands that can be a little tricky to get hold of and it’s priced a little more than the likes of say, MAQuillage. I have a few goodies from Sonia Rykiel – a face […]

Screw You!: Orange Customer Service & Policies


Why are companies with the word Orange in them so rubbish?! (I had previously complained about my ex-web hosts, A Small Orange – amazingly enough the post seems to have disappeared?!) But back to Orange, the UK Phone network. Orange is one of the biggest networks in the UK, which is strange because they are […]

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