Kill a lemming: Cle De Peau Contour Powder


Oooh, ooooh. It’s amazing what a bit of subtle contouring makes, and this kit by Cle De Peau is gorgeous! You have to buy the case then two sets of refills: Were look at about £90-£100 smackers for this baby! Worth it or not?! Can anyone think of any similar sets?

Lip Fusion Plump & Replump Liquid Lipstick in Red


I did a few stupid beauty things today. First, I mistook conditioner for shampoo – this meant the thing didn’t lather and I used up half a bottle wondering why it wasn’t working. Secondly, I applied a lipgloss to my cheek, thinking it was blush. Not my fault I swear! I have a Pixi blusher in a peach which looks just like a Pixi Lipgloss I have. It’s super sticky gunky stuff too. Thirdly, used […]

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