Mascara: You like ‘em big or small?!


So here I am watching lame television and nursing my poor little finger which I idiotically sliced (it was sliced) open with a Green Giant Sweetcorn tin – damn you easy open tins! How I miss my one touch can opener (yes, boyfriend, you broke and you can replace it here) and Reece Withspoon and her pointy chin pop up to tell me about Avon’s Super Shock Mascara – with biggest brush EVER! Biggest brush, […]

Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil


Urban Decay is a really cool brand although they have a lack of new products and colours – if you ask me. I spotted the 24/7 concealer stick a while ago and decided to use my Boots points of one – a reasonable £8.50p. Sticks This comes in a pencil form – better than a concealer in a palette which is messier to use but is not as hand as a swivel up concealer that […]

Anyone else obsessed with lists?

I am!  Everywhere I look there are pieces of paper full of lists, relevant one day then completely pointless the next.  I think this year I will keep a lists notebook, specifically for all my to dos and erratic thoughts then look back next year (2010 people!) and see how my prorites changed over the months. I have been able to blog a lot over Christmas but not its back to the grind and unfortunately […]

Liz Earle Skincare Range


I was reading some of the comments you gals left and its amazing how many similar goals people have for the New Year – losing weight (includes me), spending less (me also), achieving school or work goals (me, me, me!). It may be the New Year but that doesn’t mean I can’t get a package! This doesn’t count from this year’s spending contingency because I bought it in 2008. Yeah! Another one of my resolutions […]

Benjamin Button is not a cheerful way to start 2009


Just watched it. You can read about the plot here, but basically – and I mean very basically – it’s about a man who is born old and gets younger. It reminded me Interview with a Vampire and Forrest Gump in terms of the way it dealt with age and the passing of time… Anyway it depressed me. I’m depressed now! Thanks David Fincher! Thanks Brad Pitt, whilst you polish the Oscar you are sure […]

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