Myleene Klass resembles Donnie Yen

This isn’t the best example, but CHECK IT OUT! Separated at birth? It’s hard finding a picture of Myleene when she doesn’t have a maniacal grin on her face but I sort of managed it. I forget she used to take her kit off for lads magazines a lot…anyway, just a random thought of the day!

Valentine’s Gift Idea! Illamasqua


Seeing as I will probably get a ham sandwich for Valentine’s Day, I may as well drop some hints. My new love is Illamasqua, right? Well they have 3 Valentine’s gift sets which should suit every useless boyfriend: They Say: Illamasqua celebrates revealing your alter ago and brings you the perfect must-have Valentine’s gifts. With three amazing products including a pre-filled 4-Colour Lip Palette, a pre-filled Valentine’s Palette and a Femme Fatale Kit – it’s […]

Visee on

Adambeauty will get quite exciting next week as he brings in Visee, Majolica Majorca, Lavshuca, MAQUillage – he tends to upload them in chunks so it can be worth holding on if you are waiting for him to list a specific item. I nearly bought a Visee palette then realised I am going to save my pennies and do a once over Illamasqua. That’s right – I am going to be sensible about this! (kind […]

Screw You!: Salon


I made a medium, albeit expensive haul from a few weeks back – some face mask, some new tweezers, random bit of crap that somehow added up to a small fortune. I was about to use the Korres Scalp Scrub today and… I don’t normally check expiry dates but… 05/08? I do believe we are in 01/2009! Emailed them 2 days ago and no response as of yet. I could of course, keep on […]

Bizarre Dreams & Hauling Time

It’s that time of the year when the Spring collections will pop their head up to say Hello!  Nothing from the major brands are grabbing me and whilst some of the Japanese ranges are, but not enough for me to exchange my £££ for very few $$$.  Instead I think I will do a illamasqua haul and see if I can stop myself from buying anything else this month! Meanwhile – my infectious skin disease […]

Review: Illamasqua


UPDATE: Pronounciation. ILL-AH-MASK-A I am in trouble. You are in trouble. Hold my hand, and we’ll try to get thorough this together. A black envelope containing some Illamasqua goodies arrived on my desk a few days ago: We got: Excite powder blusher – a brightish orange-coral You get a HUGE pan. Huge. It’s so pigmented that you only need a tap and it blends away nicely. Intense blue-teal eyeshadow (powder): Highly pigmented – sheer for […]

New Brand Alert: Illamasqua


Something happens to me when I am confronted with potential greatness – the tightening of the chest, the butterflies in the stomach. My head gets fuzzy and my brain does some figures to calculate just how much yen is going to leave my bank account. Confronted by potential greatness. It’s like (being a man and) spotting a blonde, pert bottom and glossy hair, wondering what beauty lurks on the other side, only for you to […]

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